' Threads of Love '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Stars in all their dimensions
universes upon universes
celestial angels in arms
symphonies of the skies
the Earth itself embraced
by the Heavens as they are
and two of us on an island
the island of love, our love
resembling Crusoe's fabled isle
somehow a celestial star in itself
as looked upon from a distant space

Oh, angels, angels, angels
play us music of love
play on your violins and harps
on your trumpets, synthesisers
Sing us, angels, oh angels
songs sweetest to our ears
and dance us, oh angels
dance us a dance full of love
the whole day and whole night
till the very morning of dawn
then twilight and life giving sunrise

Perhaps the stars are in their trillions
perhaps universes are upon universes
angels in arms in their paradises
Heavens in everlasting peace
things happening in dual worlds
but we, the two deep rooted lovers
stay embraced in our arms
listening to music from the Sun
and music of the distant stars
forever loving each other
and never intending to leave
'cause this would be abomination
if we did

Oh, angels, angels, angels
spread your wings wide
and fly down to our island
the island of love only
See us loving each other
and dancing to the tunes
of the breezes of the wind
of morning's tiny drops of water
falling from the leaves of wild flowers
of the Sun's harp
with it's strings
purely of the Sun's rays
Form then a ring around us
and dance together with us, oh angels

We're two people in love
Don't ask how old we are
don't ask who we are
what we do
what are our preferences
our likes and dislikes
our dreams and desires
our passions
and what brought us 
to this island of nature's splendor
our amaranthine island of love
Don't ask all those questions
'cause love has only one name
one and only one, just love

Oh, angels, angels, angels
scintillating angels of the day
and twinkling angels of the night
angels of love, of desires
of everlasting life, of joy
let's really enjoy our love
without looking at the passing time
Just look up the sky 
and see world's greatest orchestra
the vibrating rays of the Sun
giving way to the rays of the stars
and ending in our kisses
the kisses of love, sweet love

The power of our love
is stronger than gravest storms
No one shall ever be able
to split us, one from another
no passing time either
nor even the witch death with a scythe
no unfriendly strangers
old ladies spreading lies
We all know everything in our lives
is passing away sooner or later
Our lives are passing
time is passing
Yet our love shall remain
for all times to come
'cause love is borderless, even in time ...

Oh, angels, angels, angels
play your celestial symphony
more spectacular 
than Broadway musicals
than rock events on Wembley
Sensation White in Arena
Play us angels, oh angels
sing and dance with us, oh angels
May we feel ourselves
like royals of love in the stars
having everything we wish
May joy of our love
and joy of our life
transcends into hearts
of every human being across the world
Oh, join us all, oh angels
and let's drink the elixirs of love
royal everlasting love

' Threads of Love ' by Thaddeus Hutyra 
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved

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