' Haunting Beauty '
by Ryan Christiano

Angel of the night
Beneath the moonlight
Slumber through sorrow

Better off dead
Than living for tomorrow
Angel of the night
Take your farewell flight 
Beckoning twilight 

Tears upon the pillow
Eyes closed
Hair billows 
Haunting beauty

Soft skin cold
Once aglow
In sensual serenity 
Smile turned to stone 

Darkness absence of light
Haunting beauty 
Still and silent
Never quite right 
Angel of the night

Passion and pain
Swirl like lovers
Dancing in the rain

Beauty breaking
Mirroring dawn
Shards of glass
Piercing the heart 
Shattering the soul

A palace in purgatory
Forever we shall dwell
Haunting beauty 
So silent and still

-'Haunting Beauty' by Ryan Christiano
Ryan Christiano. ©2012. All Rights Reserved.

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