' Prince '
by Thaddeus Hutyra 

There was once a prince unearthly handsome
Nobody really knew where he was from
Some swore he was the best friend 
of Cyrus the Great, the Persian emperor
some others swore as fiercely
he was seen talking to Abraham Lincoln

Nobody knew what were his real qualities
Women described him as a great lover
sang love songs which they tributed to him
but when asked by their jealous husbands
what really was it so great in him
they simply stayed silent, with Mona Lisa alike mimics

He was capable to travel through time
as if he were a real time vehicle
trough space dimensions as much
and no speed was a barrier to him
He was a welcome guest in all universes
all their dimensional circles

He was a true prince of duality of reality 
of reverse of reality, of parallel worlds 
of dimensions we never knew 
of crossing from dimension to dimension
a vagabond traveling across Earth
and a starman enjoying his adventures
in vast spaces of the Universe

Some said he was a guardian of the galaxy
some other, more than that, a guardian of universes
Whatever was there said about him
was amazing truth and only truth
'cause he was amaranthine magician of all times
the celestial guardian of the universes

Yet he was most enigmatic, brotherly, friendly
People loved him for his helpful hand
and if you are a traveler across the world
you shall be bewildered by the many monuments
built in most cities for this unknown prince
one the world loved and shall always love

Be warned you might see him one day
while passing a stranger standing in the crowd
and if you are a woman he might try
to win your heart and become your lover
You will become a rebel heart enchanted by the wand
a woman in true love with a rebel, rebel heart

' Prince ' by Thaddeus Hutyra 
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved

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