' Glamorous Love '
by Thaddeus Hutyra 

Amaranthine life we all yearn to as much as we can
most enchanting life our eyes are sparking to
ethereal life we're clinging to, to our love especially
as if life was our bastion of final decision
Guess what is it ? It's our magical, glamorous love

You know my darling you're my interstellar chariot
bringing us to whatever place we desire
kissing each other, gifting our souls to each other
loving one another with outmost passion
We're two lovers in embrace wanting nothing else

Our love spreads romantic sparks when we're together
walking alongside Manhattan's wide, majestic avenues
when we're flying for a ceremonial event to Los Angeles
visiting our friends in the city of love, San Francisco
having nights full of love on a welcoming Florida beach

We're wild adventurers reaching to the outmost stars
the paths are lined with never ending red carpet
as if we were Hollywood stars at the Oscar ceremony
but we're definitely more than that
'cause our love brings us all the way to the real stars

We're dancing majestic tango on the Parisian pavement
not caring what hour it is of the day or the night
May stars beam at us, may Sun engulfs us with sunshine
we're still dancing our seductive tango of love
two lovers embraced into one pulsating soul

If you could look into our very minds so much charmed
you would see the glamour of our boundless love
in all the splendor and glory, all the marvelousness
all the spirits joined one another in a sparking way
our souls being one soul, our desires one as well

What you would see would be the whole Earth
grained into a nucleus, the nucleus of love
so intense as perhaps a galactic black hole 
and that pain, exquisite pain, unlike the real pain
which you desire and want to keep, too sweet to bear

Well, we're the lovers, greatest lovers on Earth
having one another most dear, the talismans of love
so dear as all the sweetnesses there are in the world
loving one another tenderly 'cause love is blind
but I know your beauty is of angelic proportions

What is more glamorous in our lives if not our love
See, we're dancing now to the symphonic tunes
of the magnificent New York's Broadway orchestra
All those dancers around us are embraced by love
as much as we are so much, by the glamorous love

' Glamorous Love ' by Thaddeus Hutyra 
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved

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