' Sacred Vow '
by Ryan Christiano

Here we are
Haven't we come so far
I've spent many a starry night
Trying to get these words just right
Now I find it hard not to cry
Looking into your eyes 

I've loved you
Ever since
Our first kiss
A prayer placed 
Upon your lips 
Promising I 
Would always be there 

This is my vow
That though these mountains may crumble 
And the thunder may rumble 
I love you
With all that I am

Now I can see
That you and I 
Were always meant to be 
Every day with you
Is a dream come true

There will be days 
When you can't find your way 
That's when I'll say 
Though the rain may pour 
And the waves may crash upon the shore 
Our love endures

I remember 
Those summer nights 
Of shimmering lights 
When we danced beneath the stars 

In your violet dress
Caught in the moon's caress
Laugh of wind chimes 
Sultry sonnets and rhymes 

I bathed in the beauty 
Of your inner light 
That eternal night 
You were a celestial sight 

Though the stars may shimmer 
And the moonlight may glimmer 
You are the one
Who makes my night come alight
You are the symphony of my soul 
I love you so 

I fell to one knee
Asking if you'd marry me 
Believing we could
Live happily 

Standing here now
This is my vow
That on my last day
Before I pass away 

As I stare 
Into your starry sky eyes 
I clasp your hand 
Soft as sunset sand 

I want to say 
The words time
Cannot take away 
I Love You
Now and forever 

From the very start 
I gave you my heart
And you'll always be
The greatest part of me

' Sacred Vow ' by Ryan Christiano 
Ryan Christiano.©2014. All Rights Reserved.
All Rights Reserved

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