" Two Hearts " by Ken Blick


It's a beautiful summer day
and we are having a picnic.
Our blanket is spread out
in the meadow. We are high
in the mountains and all alone.
You gaze over at me as I stare
up into the sky. I'm thinking
how much I love this moment with you.
I return your gaze and stare deeply
into your eyes, perhaps looking,
maybe asking.
I pull you hard into my embrace
and whisper "I cannot live without you."
You hold me tightly and say
"I love you."
No words have ever sounded so sweet
or inviting.
Never have I wanted more.
I want to feel youfill you
complete you.
Never let go
never say no
and be your knight in shinning armor.
The Sun shines down upon us,
a kiss from the heavens above.
For once where there was only heartache,
now beats two hearts in love.

" Two Hearts " by Ken Blick, KWB ©(2012)
Copyright © Ken Blick
All Rights Reserved

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