' Mon Âme Soeur '
by Ryan Christiano

Needing you tonight
And for the rest of my life
Eyes of azure skies
Shimmering as the starry night
Just after twilight

Tangled in each other's arms
Upon a field of stars
The trees sway to the symphony of love
Keeping our secrets 
In the stillness of darkness
Alone and so deeply in love
My secret soul mate and I 
This moon-kissed night
And until the end of time 

Upon the glistening grass we embrace
Caressing beneath celestial canvas
Hands roaming to places beyond heaven
My secret soul mate and I 
A love that never dies

When the Ancient Horse Rider beckons me to His carriage 
And my last breath succumbs to eternal night
Love surpasses the boundaries of heaven and earth 
The chasm between life and death 
Love's perpetual light
Keeps the darkness at bay
Until the break of day

I turn to my soul mate 
Gently cupping her angelic face with my hands
Beauty visible from distant lands
Her eyes mirroring moonlit skies
Here in our field of stars 
Alone and so deeply in love
Needing you this night
For the rest of my life

'Marry Me' are the whispered words
Swept up in the wind and into the fires of desire
'Yes I Will' is the hushed reply
With a kiss 
The split soul is made whole

'I love you forevermore'
The Poet writes 
To the woman with half his soul

-'Mon Âme Soeur'
Ryan Christiano.© 2012. All Rights Reserved.


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