' Devil in Disguise '
by Thaddeus Hutyra 

They come in the middle of the night 
they come in the very sunshine of the day
they spread terror beyond anything to think about
split men from women and children
' Convert or die ' - They simply say
and that's yet what's most merciful
'cause what they usually do
is demanding you recite the verses of Quran
You say it their way you're spared your life
you say it differently you're shot dead
or worse, beheaded in public
No mercy no cry !!
Oh, devil, devil, blood thirsty devil in disguise !

They say they are warriors of Allah
the God supposed to be merciful to all
the God supposed to bring peace
to be tolerant of all people
to care for those belonging to other faiths
and especially to women and their children
At least this is what you expect from God 
Yet they come, the warriors of Allah
in the middle of the night or the very day
expect them at any time, shiver from fear
they show no mercy, they are just a killing spree
vicious murderers in the name of Allah
They the militants of the Islamic State 
they, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, they, the Islamists
Oh, devil, devil, blood thirsty devil in disguise !

Have you heard the latest, about Iraqs Yazidis?
They are now the target of the IS militants
alongside Christians and many other ethnic groups
IS-led violence has driven 
an estimated 1.2 million Iraqis from their homes 
Whole communities of Yazidis and Christians 
have been forced to flee in the north of Iraq 
along with Shia Iraqis, whom IS do not regard as true Muslims 
The terror is the king, all in the name of Allah
Is this what Muslim God had envisioned?
Oh, devil, devil, blood thirsty devil in disguise !

The world should have a courage to say no
Just for the sake of human rights 
For civilizational development of Islamic countries 
which should finally realize Islam's place 
is not in politics but within the mosques. 
That's a fundamental precondition 
for civilizational development concerning all religions
Their place is not in politics and state affairs 
but within their places of worship 
and all people should have freedom to choose 
their beliefs in private sphere ...
Oh, devil, devil, blood thirsty devil in disguise !

It looks many people need to be educated 
large segments of societies, all nations, the whole world
Yet again: " Say No" . Say no to Islamism, say no to Islam in politics 
Kick Islam back to the mosques and don't let it ever out
Politics is not for religion, not for any religion ...
Finally, Muslims themselves, say NO to what happens
reject Islamists, bring peace to your countries !!
'cause your silence as so far is your support to the devil in disguise
Oh, devil, devil, blood thirsty devil in disguise !

The West needs to wake up and smell the coffee
International law should take precedence
in every single place in this world
Religions should be placed back
in their houses of worship, their only rightful places
Remember a religion in politics 
is an angel transformed into devil, a real devil
whatever intentions there might have been
This is simply a rule of the reality, vicious or not
that when so called absolute righteousness
wants to take with its fanaticism over the reality 
the opposite happens of what was intended
no peace but war, no justice but sufferings 
Oh, devil, devil, blood thirsty devil in disguise !

How twisted are perceptions by Islamist fanatics !
Back to Yazidis they call them ' devil worshippers '
while in fact their name is taken 
from the modern Persian "ized", which means angel or deity
The name Izidis simply means ' worshippers of god '
which is how Yazidis describe themselves
As much mistreated are Zoroastrians, Baha'is, Christians
whatever other minorities in the Islamic states
Earlier these latest years people worldwide heard
about numerous mistreatments of Christians living in Syria 
The world stayed silent, a blood on its soul
say no, no more !!
Oh, devil, devil, blood thirsty devil in disguise !

If you're a Muslim and convert to another belief
you're beheaded shortly, expect no mercy
That's what's Islamism is about, the system
more cruel even than communism was at its peak 
Oh, people, rise from this darkness of all darknesses
say NO and shatter the devil in disguise !!
Oh, devil, devil, blood thirsty devil in disguise !

Time to return to the embrace of modern civilization
time to care for every single individual and not ideology
time to spread love, the one offered by modernity
No more killings on behalf of faith as it happens now in Iraq 
no more murdering people on behalf of Islamism
' Whether a person is a Shiite or a Sunni Muslim in Iraq
can now be, quite literally, a matter of life and death '
was someone's conclusion but it got worse, much worse
Oh, devil, devil, blood thirsty devil in disguise !

It's long overdue time for all Muslims to realize 
their religion must be kept by them firstly in private 
and secondly away from politics 
two fundamental preconditions 
to end the never ending miseries of millions of people
to end the schism between Sunnis and Shias 
as well as to get onto the right path 
of civilizational developments 
where states and politics are not messed with religion
Remember it, religion in politics is a devil's tool
Oh, devil, devil, blood thirsty devil in disguise !

One must remember any time religion is used for politics 
the entire societies end in the flares of apocalyptic fires 
A religion used for political ends is ... a tool of the devil, indeed
What should be done is simply accepting two point solution
religion private and religion apart from state and politics
So, dear Muslims, brothers of all humankind 
and work hard for a change, beginning in your communities
going on further in your society, then nationwide 
May God bless you all !! Liberate yourselves
cherish rights of every single human being
and you shall see you've got onto the right path 
Oh, devil, devil, blood thirsty devil in disguise ! 
Say no to the Devil in Disguise !!

' Devil in Disguise ' by Thaddeus Hutyra 
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved

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