' Fate '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Although scintillating joys of childhood one day are gone
Although sunrises coincide with youthful and joyous bells of life
Although pellucid water crystals are bathing us in the rivers
Although nature's gifts are always as fresh as we are
We're splashing ourselves in our innocent youthfulness
Life is forever, joys are ours, sunshine beaming brightly at us

Although we're turning ourselves into demanding teenagers
Although we're willing to learn all the wisdoms of the world
Although every secret must get instantly conquered by us
Although we're fast and furious, dancing till the deep of the night
We're storming with the hurricane alike winds into the adult gates
Confident last bastions shall be won, doors shall be wide open

Although we have already achieved the summer of our lives
Although boys turned men are top masculine, yearning for sex
Although girls turned women are most feminine, desiring love
Although our bodies produce most astounding energy of life
We're dancing through our adult lives with Hercules strength
Our bodies, spirits, souls are amazingly our delicious cakes

Although we're still in the summer of our lives, mature this time
Although the golden bells are turning into as good silver ones
Although we change our fates confidently, definitely for better
Although having a family and happy children is a desired must
We're continuing in amazing ways throughout our busy lives
Still without looking back, turning dreams into realities

Although time finally wins, our hair is already turning silver
Although our children are taking over with outmost effervescence
Although sunsets come and go, iron bells of life are ringing now
Although we have achieved the age of wisdom, but seeking more
We're finding out our souls and spirits are knocking on the doors
Letting us stay bravely together till our last breaths of our lives

Although winds of fate are constantly changing, with or without us
Although new generations are coming while replacing old ones
Although humanity crosses over from a millennium to a millennium
Although things happening on Earth perhaps happen elsewhere
Our amaranthine love remains, stronger with the passing time
And the world goes certainly round as the Universe goes round too 

' Fate ' by Thaddeus Hutyra 
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved

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