' Symphony of Free Spirits '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Unchain yourself, my dear, unshackle your mind
unshackle even your precious amaranthine soul
Let yourself fly most confidently like an eagle
up the hilarious skies, the shiny skies of liberty
Look up at the sky and see there dancing angels
angels who descended from the very Heavens
and the Earthly angels swinging softly in the air
everlasting angels of Spring, sprightly of Summer
vivid angels of Autumn, cheerful angels of Winter
etherial angels of Life, of Heart, of Desire, of Love

Look up at everlasting skies of Heavenly charm
beaming with symphonic geniuses of all times
the Antwerp's skies of Rubens and Antoon van Dyck
Amsterdam's skies of Rembrandt and van Gogh
the New York's skies of genial Andy Warhol
The winds themselves are joining the tangoes
spreading the best of human achievements
to furthest corners of our evergreen planet
Just sit down on the slope of a high mountain
and listen to the messages brought by the winds
sit down on a sandy beach at the Oriental Bay
and listen to the celestial music from the skies

You're yourself effulgent angel of the day 
and brightly shimmering angel of the night
most iridescent angel of the brilliant month
and a radiating angel of the luminous year
angel, the adventurer from the far away Universe
the Earthly angel with all the beauty of this globe
sparking angel even of your heart, of your mind
scintillating angel even of your own soul 
emitting so much flashes of effervescent light 
which could lighten up all the households 
on our Earth embraced by the symphonic skies
Angel of the ghost which belongs to you
your protector with imperishable powers

But above all you're like a high soaring bird
which turns out to be a mesmerizing royal eagle
splashing itself in cloud-capped tides of the skies
dancing all the tangoes there are in the world
and accompanied by phantoms of the soul
phantoms of Life, of Heart, of Desire, of Love 
under the Beethoven's Appassionata skies
under the heavenly Brahms masterpieces
under the skies full of Chopin's romantic waltzes
and the skies filled with frivolous Mozart compositions
You're a bird flying high, higher than you ever dreamt
really an amaranthine bird, soaring to freedoms !!

Take your own mind, your even own thoughts
in your both hands, gently but magnanimously
Drive your mind safely like your own superb car
away from scary labyrinths, most dreadful
You shall see you crossed the invisible Rubicon 
into yet another dimension never seen so far
and you shall realize as if you were Copernicus
quite in black and white, as in a night to a day
you found yourself on the other side of the threshold
within which not one even individual is rejected

You shall see not even one person is a dying star
with last unfortunate sparks yet igniting themselves 
while in spasmodic search of a sheet-anchor
with last breath yet, and then ... no more light
This will certainly not be the case, and on the contrary
You shall discover every single human being
is a star on its own, a set of celestial stars even
in the fertile and abundant human universes
whether on a planet Earth or in the celestial skies
one who should be able to live freely, unshackled 
Yes, every single individual, the universe on its own ...

Oh, play us formidable angels of Heavens
play us crackerjack angels of the airy Earth 
play us awesome angels of all the seasons
and daunting angels of free spirits, angels of liberty
Play us all the symphonies of the free spirits
the orchestras in every corner of this globe
May real freedoms spread everywhere
like bountiful of mushrooms after a heavy rain
and bring everlasting peace upon us all !!

' Symphony of Free Spirits ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reseerved

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