' Null Dimension '
by Thaddeus Hutyra 

Unchain yourself, unchain your body
unshackle your mind
unshackle even your soul
left to rot in nothingness so far
Let yourself fly like a bird
even like a confident eagle 
up the hilarious skies
the skies of freedoms
cos they are sure yours 
whatever skies they are
whether the skies of Amsterdam
of Paris, Brussels, Kopenhagen
of New York, of San Francisco
skies of the Alps, of the Tatras
nothing, nothing is really beyond your reach

You're the emperor of your own making
for yourself only
unlike emperors, the tyrants
You, the one threatening no one 
emperor in a positive meaning
symbolizing your free spirits
you loving freedoms
caring and never repressing
cos you never shackle others
letting them live free
Emperor of yourself only
of anything what's yours
cos no one can ever shackle you
the least your own mind !!
You're simply an emperor
among billions of other emperors
equalling all the numbers 
of the Earth's inhabitants

Look up the sky and see dancing angels
angels who descended from Heavens
and the Earthly angels
accompanying them lovely
angels of Spring, angels of Summer
angels of Autumn, angels of Winter
angels of Life, of Heart, of Desire, of Love 
all angels there are
having their spectacular party 
in the various skies
the skies of crystal clear freedoms
never infected by false ideologies

You're yourself angel as well
effulgent angel of the day 
and dreaming angel of the night
iridescent angel of the month
and radiating angel of the year
angel of your heart, of your mind
scintillating angel of your own soul even 
Angel of the ghost which belongs to you
your amaranthine protector

But above all you're like a bird
like the mesmerizing royal eagle
dancing tangoes in the skies
as much as all those angels
under the Beethoven's Appassionata skies
under the heavenly Brahms masterpieces
under the skies full of Chopin's romantic waltzes
and the skies filled with frivolous Mozart compositions
You're a bird flying high, higher than you ever dreamt
really an amaranthine bird !!

Unchain thus and unshackle yourself
have a fun for yourself and a mercy towards others
let them live the way they wish
Spring out of whatever dogma
which entraps and ensnares your mind
out of whatever ideology
out of even your own religion if need be

Set yourself entirely free just for a moment
achieve the null dimension
and see your world
and this world from outside
from that null dimension
within which you're like a baby just born
not taught of anything
maneuvering on its own
in the cobweb of labyrinths
set up by all those strange rules
of the outside world
so foreign to you and your spirits

See like through a foggy maze
all those heartbreaking miseries
being done by dishonest governments
and by as dishonest individual people
in their merciless quest for power
They do not know what they do
whether willingly or unwillingly
shackled by their own dirty thoughts
by their own wrong ideologies
which are keeping them in fact
deep in underground prisons
with no windows, not even fresh air
although they enjoy lots of sunshine

Take your own mind, your own thoughts
in your very hand or both hands
the same way as you do it
with the wheel of your car
when you are trying to drive your car safely
Drive thus your mind safely like your own car
away from all those labyrinths
you were chained and shackled to
before you set yourself free
Let your spirits dance in the skies
and unlock wisdoms you never thought you could ever win
the wisdoms showing you right paths

Spring thus out of whatever dogma
out of whatever ideology
don't hesitate to do it
Out of even your own religion
just for a moment at least
to enable yourself to cross the invisible Rubicon 
into yet another dimension never seen so far
to see far beyond or from far beyond
whatever angle there might be
or even be able
to fly nobody flew so far to
to the destinations of free spirits
of enlightenments
of freedoms as they occur naturally
of liberties most desired by all

You shall land in new realities
the ones you're finally unshackled within
free of everything what chained you
the emperor at last on your own, of yourself only
the one you have always dreamt to be
Look around at all those new realities
assuming others did the same
and see everyone is emperor to himself
and a friend to each other
Nobody blames anyone for anything
and all helping each other if needed
All happy in their universes of freedoms
the universes of free spirits
of unshackled minds and souls
of unchained bodies set free

Look once again into the skies
all the angels and free spirits
dancing together to various tunes
of all the music there is
Look at those symphonic skies
at the whole repertoire of human minds
and of the spirits set free
reunited with angels, all those angels

Oh, play us angels of Heavens
play us angels of the Earth 
play us angels of all the seasons
and angels of free spirits, angels of liberty
play us all the symphonies of the free spirits
May real freedoms spread everywhere
like mushrooms after heavy rain
and bring peace upon us all !!

And finally you, my dear reader 
do you know what I mean ?
Set your mind free for a moment at least
of all your convictions, of all your so called truths
reject it all for a moment
and when you realize 
your mind approached null dimension
you are free to go back to where you stood a moment ago

You shall realize as if you were Copernicus
your convictions were yours only
and you can never force them on others
whether you're Muslim or Christian 
another believer or non believer
Whether you're Jewish living in Israel 
or poor Palestinian living in Gaza 
struggling to set himself free
from Hamas, the hardcore Islamists

To make sure, therefore, in black and white
you all really enjoy your rights
there is a tremendous need you all long
for freedoms and secular democracy
or at least such a system if there is one
within which not one even individual is rejected
not even one person is a dying star 
with last sparks igniting themselves yet
while in spasmodic search of sheet-anchor
with last breath, and then ... no more light
The priority is thus the individual
one of the many different human universes
who should be able to live freely, unshackled 
every single individual, an universe on its own ...

' Null Dimension ' by Thaddeus Hutyra 
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved.

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