' Doubt '
by Ryan Christiano

As she strums her guitar
Shoeless feet
Echo upon cobblestone streets
The girl stumbles into church
Cross to bear upon its perch
Solace an elusive search

Candlelight captures her face
In this soulless place
Where she wore white lace
Seeking grace
Searching for a trace
Of the Silent Shepard
Her spirit sequestered

In the pallid light of lies
The truth often dies
Empty pages
Written by ancient sages
The flock grazes
In green pastures

Ascend to heaven
Dwell in hell
Each toll of the bell
Becomes a death knell
Confessions to tell
Salvation to sell

Upon the altar
The lamb bleats
Her soul to keep
Stolen by a thief
Footsteps upon the floor
Through the church door
She falls into night

The girl stands before the cafe
Where she makes money by day
Her hands caress the strings
As she sings

May these words still the fear in your heart
May you know that you are never alone
Feel the love that lingers upon you
Mirroring a moon-splashed night
Grasp the hands of others
As they reach down to lift you up
May the summer thunder
Bathe you in refreshing rain
Clearing your eyes of tears
To see the beauty in your mirror
May you hear the whisper
Of the Celestial Composer
There was never anything to fear

Passersby pause
As they applaud
The clinking of dimes
Accompanies her rhymes
Peace of mind
Never meant for her to find

The girl walks through the park
Though it is past dark
She still hears the call of the lark
A figure stands beneath lamplight
Standing with impressive height
With features beyond her sight
Upon this misty night

Says the figure
May I trouble you for a song
I have waited so long
I beg your indulgence
In spite of your reluctance
Please sing for me

Though the girl was tired
She found herself inspired
Hands sweeping strings
She sang

In the swirling mists of the mind
I feel rain fall upon me
Walking into fires that singe my senses
The blind still see
What the deaf can hear
Thunder rumbles across distant plains
Waves crash upon the sandy shores of my soul
The emerald grass becomes my casket
The ground a soundless grave
A lost life found in the shadowy solace
Of eternal promise

The figure whispered
Such beauty
Lasts in perpetuity
The figure touched her hand
Then walked into the darkness

The girl looked upon a note
The figure had placed in her hand
With writing smooth as sand
In the starry light she read

There was never anything to fear

- 'Doubt'
by Ryan Christiano. Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.


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