' Kiss of Love '
by Thaddeus Hutyra 

' Boundless love, limited life
yet you are gone
no chance to be with you

Know it without you and your kiss I am nothing
I am lost among Manhattan skyscrapers
which look to me like some monstrous demons
I am lost in the vast waters of Pacific
in whatever other places
lost, lost, lost and lost ...
My inner world stumbles
no energy of life anymore
no chance to enjoy anything
no joys and pleasures
no even life anymore

Know it without you and your kiss
terrible things
are happening within my mind
raging rain
rapid hails wounding me
unmatched weather patterns
turning even into
destructive tornadoes
even hurricanes

Know it what’s yet alive within me
is hit by destruction
I'm mortally wounded
the last spark of life
yet twinkles and scintillates
barely, so barely
till I am nearly gone
but already a living dead

Know it I need so little
just you and your kiss, your sappy kiss
to revive me
bring me back to life
Your kiss is my sheet-anchor
my lifebelt
as if I was
shipwrecked off the coast
and was drowning rapidly
in its stormy abyss
making me falling down
falling, falling and falling ...
No more chance
and everything who I am
disintegrating to pieces

Know it my soul is wounded as much
as anything else within me
on the verge of leaving me
Last ray of light
flees somewhere up there
rives and diffuses yet
into thousands of thinner rays
but as brilliant
I see my ravaged soul leaving me
one more cause to despair 
I'm engulfed by boundless sadness
simply looking at it all
and saying goodbye
goodbye to you and goodbye to me
I am lost ...

Know it, my darling
You and your kiss
would bring love back to me
sunshine of happiness
pulsating life
a forceful wish to carry forward
You and your kiss would save me 
from any viciousness there is outside
and from all the labyrinths 
evolving constantly 
whether in my inner world 
or in the outside world

Know it you and your kiss can change 
the patterns of weather 
in my own mind
no more storms
no more tornadoes
no more even 
seeping droplets of rain
and of course no more tears
flooding my mind
and instead everlasting brightness
equalling the one from the sunshine
at a cloudless day

Missing you so much, my love
Goodbye my love goodbye
My life is leaving me ... '


There was no ray of light anymore
not even most microscopic evidence of it

The kingdom of darkness spread ruthlessly
not even twilights to be seen
not any hues of any shadows
of anything what could yet be alive
He was finally embraced
by a black hole of eternal darkness

Wonders of all wonders
the sparking lights of life
began to re-appear themselves
He opened his eyes
saw nothing yet but mist, lots of mist
slowly moving away
like if on a highway engulfed by a mist
Then sparks of light emerging
more and more rapidly

It looked as if his life
was coming back to him
but he still didn't believe it
He was though dead !
But then he saw her in the emerging light
the one he loved 
with all his heart
sitting just next to his bed he was lying on
She kissed him gently on his lips
and with it life was back in him
with all its tremendous burst

' Where am I ' - He asked
' You're in a hospital, my dear
she answered, while kissing him yet again
' But why? ' - He still had difficulty
to uncover what really had happened
' You had accident, you have fallen from a bridge
down into the river ... in your car
Good people managed to save your life
you were resuscitated and brought here

It was a spectacular fall, my dear
and a spectacular rescue as well, my dear
You had lots of luck ... '
Now he remembered
that fall and the endless going down 
to the bottom of the river
which seemed to have lasted ages
while it was just a split of seconds

' I love you ' - He whispered 
They kissed each other
the way they always did it
and he felt
the real life he desired so much
was returning to him
with all its force
despite still feeling weakened

What a transcendence was it !
The woman he loved and her kiss
turning him back to life
and into a man at his very best
just thanks to her and her kiss, the kiss of love
and the kiss of life as well
A sky full of stars, amaranthine stars
was spreading marvelously
both within him and far above him

" Kiss of Love " by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved

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