' Echo '
by Ryan Christiano 

Dear Beloved,

The judge said I am to die
You know why
I write rhymes
That are crimes
Forgive me Father
For I have sinned
Can I not write
This wrong
I have trespassed 
Against the 'god'
Who enslaves this state 
And the God
Who will not deliver us from evil 
Damned to die by the decree 
Of one 'god'
In the name of the God 
To whom I pray
For the soul
Of the judge
For he
Seems more condemned 
Than I 

I remember that day
We met 
In the afterglow 
Of sensual sunset
I see your eyes
Of twilighted skies
Your laugh rustled through me
Summer wind chimes 
Turning memories into melodies 
That echo, echo, echo 
In the long since past

I feel the silky surrender of your caress
I see the sultry shimmer of your dancing dress
I taste your luminous lips
I hear the echo, echo, echo
Of crashing waves 
Upon my grave

A match strikes a fuse
When a poet finds his muse 
And so it was
With you and I 
You were my stars 
And I your sky 
Please don't cry
Please don't ask why
I have to die 
The echo, echo, echo
Caused by crackling flames 
As I set the state ablaze 

Why do I write love poems 
Even in the prose of my tomes
This question asked of me
By those who look
But cannot see 
Every poem is a love poem
Every story a love story 
Life is a lament without love 
A sonnet with love
Poetry, prose, and people 
Revolve around love
As the earth revolves around the sun 
Whether present or absent 
Love is poetry 

The heart is map to the soul
The soul is compass to the spirit
The spirit is corridor to the conscience 
The conscience is key to the moral universe 

I hear the screams 
Of those souls 
Coming apart at the seams 
Their sobs echo, echo, echo
Upon these wailing walls
The scraping of chains down the hall
The scent of burnt flesh wafts through vents 

Why did I not fall upon my knee
Asking you to marry me
That star-splashed night
When all seemed right
I gazed upon you
In the mesmerizing moonlight
As we fell gently
Upon mist-kissed grass
Beholding present, future, and past
United at last

Your celestial body
Painted in passion 
As night
Surrendered to light
Far too soon
I held you to my thundering heart
As the wind whirled across the valley 
Left trembling in the chill
Of eternal winter 

Dear Beloved
I love you so 
I must go 
Oh Dear God
How I love you so
I have committed the unforgivable crime
Of writing rhymes 
That ask why 
So many must die 
Once I cease to breathe
They believe 
My words will die
My murderers
Are convinced 
Of their own lies
I hear the echo, echo, echo, 
Of footsteps 
They are coming to murder my body 
But you hold my heart 
My soul 
Was never theirs to possess 
Though the body be bound 
The soul soars
Though shackled
I am free

Ryan Christiano.©2014. All Rights Reserved.

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