' Prometheus '
by Thaddeus Hutyra 

Prometheus, amaranthine Prometheus
what have you done so wrong
gods chained you in a far away Caucasus
to one of the monumental mountain rocks
to make you suffer endlessly
cos you're one of gods, immortal one ?

Prometheus, everlasting Prometheus
what have you done so wrong
that predatory eagles eat your liver daily
only to be regenerated by night
a lasting punishment for a just cause
you did on behalf of the humankind ?

Prometheus, most heroic Prometheus
what have you done so wrong
that gods punished you so badly
despite helping them to win over adversaries
and other achievements on their behalf
which you should rather be awarded for ?

Prometheus, immortal Prometheus
what have you done so wrong
you must suffer continually for all times
for the greatest goodness you did ?
You who betrayed secrets of gods to men
to enhance the needy human civilizations ?

Prometheus, enigmatic Prometheus
shall the Wrath of Gods be reversed one day
allowing you to return in starlit glory
to the humankind you loved so much ?
Although you're immortal you're suffering
for how long yet before you're set free ?

Prometheus, perpetual Prometheus
you, the whistleblower of all times
judging from the deepness of your heart
One day the humanity shall find a way
to bring finally most desired justice upon you
via secret operation code named Hercules 

Beloved Prometheus, eternal Prometheus
perhaps the eagles eat your liver daily
causing unbearable pain to you with their beaks
but we all are keeping our fervent prayers
you shall be freed out of your chains
and you shall rise up into the sky like a phoenix

Prometheus, imperishable Prometheus
You shall then descend down to the Earth
Although the question shall remain 
whether it was a treachery or act of heroism 
what you did ... but one thing is sure 
human gratitude to you will last for all times 

' Prometheus ' by Thaddeus Hutyra 
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved

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