by Thaddeus Hutyra 

What a carnival was it, a pure delight of all senses
the whole days and nights long, most mesmerizing
to the thunderous tunes of a heavenly symphony
of the Sun's rays followed by displays from the stars

What a carnival was it, endless music and dance
on our motherly Earth and in the fatherly Heavens
and what we didn't know on far away beautiful planets
in different parts of the Universe, where life flourished

What a carnival was it, from a Danish Fastelavn 
via the outburst of joy and dance in Rio de Janeiro 
to the Carnival of Venice, a masquerade with masks
from Bauta and Arlecchino masks, to Zanni masks

What a carnival was it, all stars danced with frenzy
and the symphony of the skies played days and nights
the greatest musical masterpieces of all times
from Beethoven to Mozart, to Bach, to Dostojevsky

What a carnival was it, all the phantoms together
Phantom of the Day and Phantom of the Night
Phantom of the Opera and Phantom of the Music
Phantom of Life, of Heart, of Desire, of Love ...

What a carnival was it, with Phantom of the Soul
taking stage finally, the phantom of my own soul
scintillating as never before to the stunning rhythms
of the skies passing far above my dreaming head

What a carnival was it, me singing and dancing
all the day and all the night, and again, long weeks
The Phantom of the Soul, of my own sparkling soul
singing most to the tunes of the heavenly symphony

' PHANTOM OF THE SOUL ' by Thaddeus Hutyra 
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved

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