' Carpathian Skies '
by Thaddeus Hutyra 

The day belonged to the majestic Carpathian mountains
and the marvelous skies embracing them, the Carpathian skies
Mesmerizing and enigmatic beyond anything to say
fabulous to a highest degree, God's phenomenal creation
The skies were azure blue, not one even grey cloud to be seen
This vast ocean of blue expanses was embraced brotherly
by countless symphonic rays from the godlike Sun
Devine music of the skies above the Carpathian mountains
breathtaking, a heavenly music of the Phantom of the Day

I was tramping through mountain ranges the whole day
feeling united with the nature and her godlike proximity
It was a world in itself, a bewildering wilderness of the nature
all those mountain lakes, flowers one could never see elsewhere
wild animals seen from time to time, even the brown bears
amazing display of the divine Carpathians in all their royal dominion
From time to time I looked around curiously for something else
something what I heard from the jovial local mountaineers
to whom nothing here was alien, everything in their scriptures

Any time soon I should find a castle hidden in those mountains
deep in their shadow, the castle of Dracula Vlad Tepes himself
the enormously blood thirsty king of all vampires in one person
The stories were the prince turned vampire was still present
and active at nights as centuries ago, more so with passing time
the prince who lost his beloved princes some centuries ago
in suspicious and very gruesome circumstances, which enraged him
to such a degree he turned into a vampire in a supernatural way
and ever since then he was on a killing spree, out of a sheer rage
never to be satisfied enough, falling for fresh blood from virgins mainly

I have returned to my camping quite late, feeling a bit a colder air
a starlit night was already fully blown like some angelic beauty
or even like Marilyn Monroe in her dress blown up in the wind
before a crowd of frenzy photographers, dancing like some devils
luckily without a trace of them here, on the bosom of nature
What a night it promised to be, under the Carpathian skies
with all the luminously shimmering stars on the curtain of Heavens
in gentle gust of warm winds, wolves and bears hidden from sight
in the darkness of the quiet night, sometimes perhaps seen ghostly
With my tent, my table with candles, a small campfire next
What else did I need ? Yes, a woman, a muse of these mountains !!

I had a delicious late supper on the table which I consumed
like if I were an enormously excessive gourmand
while the small flames of my candles danced in the soft wind
not strong enough to get them snuffed out, a dance of the flames
I don't know what happened then, there was a momentary darkness
as if I lost my consciousness or were kept in blackness
The next sequence was simply thrillingly unearthly, supernatural
there sat both, Satan himself and God Almighty at the table
Satan's eyes showed endless abyss with wild fires
ten thousands more powerful than nuclear explosions
or even Big Bang supernovas at vast galactic spaces
This horror alike abyss must certainly have been the Hell

God's eyes showed the Heavens, of infinite calmness
and infinite spaces of all Universes, known and unknown
though gathered completely within Him, God Almighty
the Creator of all the Universes, of Infinities upon Infinities
Why did he then tolerated Satan, the devil of devils?
Well, perhaps He had His unfathomable design, His plan
- ' You're mine. ' - Satan said wryly to me, aggressively
I felt instantly burning myself madly out of fear of fears
What have I done Satan wanted me? I was a decent person
I've never harmed anyone, never cheated, why then ?

- ' Not in my life ! Never ever !! ' - I suddenly heard a shout
I was stunned but as much God and Satan themselves
An intensive source of light, tennis ball shaped, jumped
out of my chest and bounced onto the table
I realized this neutron alike ball of intensive light
was nothing else as my soul, my beloved soul, my defender !!
- ' You're not to decide this ! ' - Satan reposted angrily
Bundle of hellish fires flushed out of his eyes, nearly catching my soul
But then unexpectedly he managed to hit my soul
which bounced all the way towards the neighboring mountains
only to be caught by God's invisible strings alike the ones
used by Spiderman and brought back onto the table

- ' Neither you ' - God Almighty said calmly not even looking at Satan
and extended His hand to my soul. She bounced happily on God's hand
- ' You think so ?! ' - Satan reposted yet again, but one could see
he wasn't so sure of himself when dealing with God
- ' Yes, I think so ' - was God's firm and definitive answer
He let my soul to bounce back onto the table, somehow rejuvenated
- ' I don't understand, what is it all about ? ' - I murmured fearfully
afraid to be looking straight at God and His adversary
What was most surprising God Almighty just laughed
and all the stars on the Heavens' skies scintillated at the same time

- ' It's nothing to do with you, Thaddeus, on my side. ' - God said
- ' I just loved to be present in this scenery of the Carpathians
- ' Why then Satan's here, at this table ? ' - my soul asked
She did it courageously knowing God was her loving Father
- ' Yes, I know he had bad intentions. This is why he is here '
God answered my soul and then turned patiently to me
- ' You see, Thaddeus, you were looking for Dracula
at least you've been thinking of him. Satan's his best friend '
What could I answer about this revelation, so clear now to me ?
- ' Thank you, God Almighty ' - I just said but felt relieved
God allowed me to smile to Him and even gifted me with His smile
The next what I remembered were my candles snuffing out
one after another one while the stars were shimmering as always
This time it was the symphony of the Phantom of the Night

' Carpathian Skies ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright©Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved

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