' Encounter '
by Thaddeus Hutyra 

Two bearded wizards met accidentally in a mountain valley
under cloudless Colorado skies hanging nicely from above
Both men were world recognized sorcerers of outmost skills
cherished by some people enthusiastically like megastars
greatly feared by others suspecting them having links with devil
for their supernatural powers cos only God could have them

Both men were dressed strangely, in quite long scarlet coats
Mimics on their faces looked uncommon, sort of gallows humor
It was certain they didn't really like their unexpected encounter
resembling more a boxing ring of two heavyweight champions
than just a friendly meeting of two guys with enormous powers
Neither of them was going to sing the blues. They never did

Just within seconds it got extreme tense but they were masters
used to any swings and roundabouts, to even swinging doors
Neither of them wished to even look at each other, out of cockiness
the contenders despising each other for no reason but their conceit
Both displayed their enchanted wands shining as brilliantly as the Sun
glowingly erubescent, scintillating, luminescent like a shooting star

Then just a fearful display followed which looked like some firework
What one of the wizards envisioned became a reality only to be replaced
by what another one envisioned, a display of the stars falling down
It was no longer a mountain valley but new places constantly changing
They seemed to have had some magical sets of silver bullets
working the patterns of the world onto the right ways, instantly

Great weather patterns in all their hues and hours of the clock
once resembling windy Wellington, turning then into tropic Bangkok
but pollution free, then Beijing, the Chinese capital, also unpolluted
with a perfectly blue sky as if the Chinese government did its work
concerning the environmental issues, then came all the other places
of the global village, how much different from what they are now !!

The places changed, always shiny, effervescent, on lands and seas
The Amazon rainforest in its intact state, pristine, nature's symphony
biodiversity as it used to be hundreds years ago, at its finest
Black people of Africa living in harmonious societies, undisturbed
and all other people as well across the globe sharing love and peace
no power struggle, no wars, no ruthless rule of foreign powers

What was most enigmatic in this encounter of two brilliant wizards
the worlds they encountered were definitely different than so far
emanating with soulfulness, bright winds of change, healing everything
worlds in which men appreciated men, women were equal, children happy
where nothing was more important than wellbeing of every human being
The encounter looked like cello wars long ago in a far away galaxy, indeed

The wounded people were healed in magical ways, healthy again
the needed were assisted, the poor supported, all treated brotherly
Every single place on the planet Earth was equally cared for
There was a growing, mesmerizing evidence these two enigmatic wizards
didn't play a game of the devil against God but an angelic one
proving which one of them brought more goodness upon the world

The enchanted wands of the wizards were still set in work
miracles happening after miracles, all the ways to the heavenly skies
Planet Earth recovering fast, getting her energy and vitality back
and then first signs of full recovery were appearing, amazingly
Our beloved planet was becoming back a healthy one, staggeringly
free people, harmonious nature and biodiversity, all flourishing

The two bearded wizards finally stopped their supernatural magics
They looked with admiration at each other, laughed afterwards
' Yes, my dear friend, I think we're built of the same precious stone
doing everything we can do to change this world for a better one '
the first magician said and extended his hand to his new friend
' Yes, my dear friend, from now on we're together in all this enterprise
more powerful than ever, united. ' - The other magician answered courtly

' Encounter ' by Thaddeus Hutyra 
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved

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