' Infinity of Love '
by Thaddeus Tadeusz Hutyra

Ninety year old man with silvery hair was sitting on a terrace
of New York's Liberty Cafe, overlooking the magnificent harbor
Opposite him sat a woman as old as he in fashionable clothes 
She was actually talking vividly to a lady at a nearby table

He was deeply lost in thoughts, his pendulum of time
unaware of the mosaic of people sitting next to him
neither of the colorful set of the hurrying passerby's 
perhaps knowing it quite well time and tide wait for no man

Yet yesterday, my darling, we met the first time, he thought
we danced a whole night, laughed a lot, having our time of life
There were lots of carefree young people around us as we were
dancing madly to all sorts of songs, a brilliant disco night

Yet yesterday we had our first kiss of angelic dimensions
on the steps of your house, at morning's farewell
a long kiss which seemed to have lasted infinitely
despite just a few minutes, with our hearts frozen of happiness

Yet yesterday we made a maddening trip across America 
our most cherished, beloved land of Stars and Stripes 
We relied only on hitchhiking, with no money in our pockets
and getting sleep thanks to our hospitable couchsurfing hosts

Yet yesterday we got our first, most fabulous offspring
an angelic baby who filled our hearts with parental love
then another marvelous child, and yet another one
our family grew up substantially, all happy, time on our side

Yet yesterday our children turned adults got married
What a wedding was it !! Even stars falling from the sky!!
We just looked at our love ones and all those guests
dancing in most happy manners under the sky's canvas

Yet yesterday, my darling, we were gifted with what's sweetest
our grandsons, turning our lives to a pure delight
Only then we have realized life is like a whistle of air
but our love is like eternal flame never to expire

He was so much lost in his thoughts he didn't notice
His ninety years old wife with as silvery hair as his
stood up, walked graciously around the bouqueted table
and then placed a kiss on his forehead. Only then did he notice

His inner thoughts were instantly replaced by the reality
his wife looked lovingly at him. ' I love you' - she whispered
' Oh, it's you, my darling. I love you, too ' - He answered heartily 
' Come, sit here. I love you so much, you're everything I have '

Despite turbulent life they managed to survive it all
Their love remaining as strong as when they met the first time
' Yes, time does sail, time flies but our love is timeless
to last till our last breath ' - He concluded generously while smiling
He then took her in his arms and kissed gently on her lips


' Infinity of Love ' by Thaddeus Tadeusz Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved


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