' The Final Reckoning '
by Thaddeus Tadeusz Hutyra

' It seems I'm rising to paradise on shiny days
but at nights I'm falling down cruel eye of abyss
Days are beautiful, I'm enjoying the best of life
nights are awful, I'm screaming in a horror house
Why? I completely don't understand why
please explain this to me, my dear enchanter '

She was sitting on a bench in a crowded park
overlooking a splendid, man made lake
with purely white swans having their daily joys
Next to her sat older woman, a New York's gypsy
with cards in her hands, a cigarette in her mouth
being busy in predicting a fate of her customer

Unlike the older woman in fancy clothes
the younger one was most pretty, modern dressed
with a face radiating rays of youthfulness
and her body, Aphrodite alike, radiating the same
The younger woman seemed to be concerned
unsure of what her fate shall be, a nervous Nellie

' My dear young lady, your life right now
is more like a sweet calm before a storm
Expect turbulent times to come quite soon
ruthless thunderstorms following thunderstorms
Your love one and your friends shall be gone
You shall be left alone, a cactus on the prairie '

The young woman thanked the gypsy woman
stood up and went away, her mind on fire
She wandered for hours, crying inwardly
The Central Park seemed to have lost its lustre
All spirits gone, all dreams burnt to ashes
her soul on the verge of being gone as well

She was a lonely woman among happy faces
lost in her inner despair, no purpose of life anymore
but then she remembered a thinker she once met
He said then: ' The final reckoning is what you want '
She smiled to herself, looked at people around
Light of happiness was back with her in all of its shine

' The Final Reckoning ' by Thaddeus Tadeusz Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved

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