" Glory of Love "
by Thaddeus Hutyra 

A man was standing on the shore of Pacific waters
at San Pablo Bay, one of the Californian bays
with its most picturesque Golden Gate and the bridge
He was splashed by the warm rays of Sun
and cried out, with hands up towards the sky

A woman was standing in the Pacific waters
at one of the New Zealand bays of Wellington
It was the Oriental Bay at the heart of the City
She was also splashed by the warm Sun's rays
and cried out too, with hands up towards the sky

Strangely, their words were perfectly the same
out of their souls connected to each other
despite living at both ends of the vast Pacific
Although separated from each other so much
sounding the same, a sign of their hearts tuned in

' The Pacific waters separate us crudely
us, the lovers greater than life, my darling !!
What else must we give away
to be no longer split by this fate ?
Why must we suffer and for how long yet ?
Oh, glory of love, you must be ours !! '

Both, the man and the woman, great lovers
threw themselves into the waters of Pacific
They swam a hundred meters, perhaps twice as much
but then had to make turnaround feeling too tired
and swim back to the shore, feeling losers somehow

Once back on the golden sand of a beach
he threw himself, unaware she did the same
onto the warm Californian Bay's sand
while she hid her face in the golden sand
of the splendid Oriental Bay of Wellington

And then a miracle from the sky did happen
' I love you and I shall never give you up '
she heard a message brought by the winds
This time she was completely unaware
her lover received the same message from her

Both were then sitting long hours at their bays
close to each other despite being separated
by ten thousands of kilometers of vast Pacific
the monarch on its own, kingdom of Poseidon himself
allowing its currents to be used for true lovers

They felt assured this time they shall meet
perhaps in not so a distant future from now on
and shall be able to to extract fruits of love at will
and choke pleasantly at will with plentiful of love
one which shall become their most welcome home 
most cherished as well called their only Glory of Love

" Glory of Love " by Thaddeus Hutyra 
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved

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