' Rise like a Phoenix '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Mercy, mercy, God Almighty have a mercy
How many mistakes do I do in my life
how many mistakes do we do in our lives !!
Blows after blows on bloody boxing rings of life
being knocked down, knocked out, mercilessly
and yet standing up to gruesome adversaries
fighting back but knocked out again, and again
a bloody game and games throughout our lives

Blows after blows, never ending blows
merciless is indeed this world, with no heart
unless you know how to deal with the realities you're in
Respite possible in a pub, with Johnnie Walker or Scotch
coming back home and facing quarrels
from a beloved woman who doesn't understand
you try your best, dude, really your best

Is it your fault you're not always smart
or simply not as strong as those guys
with fiery minds and balls on fire, a terrifying mixture
Just don't stand in their way 
because if you do you're knocked out, again and again
and only God can make it sure
you're not yet a wanderer into yet another world
that of poor souls not yet allowed 
to join angelic ranks
or you simply are taken away to a hospital
a guy with all pieces of your body broken
suffering insurmountable pain

Better to sit down into your dream car
and go far away
somewhere there to the Oregon skies
where Sun is shining bright for you and only for you
wild animals show respect to you
as much as you for them
where everything seems to be in place
nothing to change, really
everlasting and so peaceful
as if this world was of angelic dimensions
perhaps a paradise itself

So good to feel without all those adversaries
who knock you down, knock you out for nothing
or rather just for their sadist pleasures
Go, go far away from them, with the wild wind currents
where only biodiversity is the ruler and no a man
wildest of all species
not especially those sadist male dudes
who knock you down mercilessly
turning you into a human wreck

Have mercy whoever you are, men are just men
you can't live faultless your entire life
and who is faultless by the way ?!
Too bad, however, if you make too many mistakes
your life itself is your adversary
and you get blows from your own life
blows after blows, after blows
a knockout after knockout even
From your own life, oh, irony !!

A smile disappears from your face
and all the joys you thought were to stay
a sour expression on your face instead 
substitutes your earlier version
The joyful one into a sour one, oh, irony yet again !!
You still attach yourself to your life
cos life is everything you have
whether sweet or sour, nice or bad
it's still life, your greatest treasure

Finally, the question for a million
what should one do in such circumstances ?
Should one succumb to that sort of life
which is a boxing ring one rather is losing
with blows after blows, till one is knocked out 
Or should one rather challenge everything
one's life even, rise like a phoenix
become a hunter of stars
even if one still gets the blows
from whatever adversaries

Whether you can or can't it, challenge all those
who set logs before your legs
wishing you worst by bringing you down
Just rise like a phoenix into the very stars
put some of the stars into a pocket of your jacket
smile and laugh, laugh and smile
dance to the tunes of House and Techno
Get into your car, whatever a car you have 
and head forward on the speedway 
towards the Californian skies filled with sunshine
the skies engulfing all those magnificent mountains
and the Pacific bays, with women the Aphrodites

Dance cos your life your treasure is only once
and it can never be you are a loser, never ever !
On the contrary!! Who wishes you bad luck
or who wants to knock you down or even knock you out
he must be a loser, not you, certainly not you ! 
Just rise like a phoenix, say to the world
you're the winner, invincible to the last breath of your life

Wow, dance, dance, to the early morning hours
dance to the tunes of House and Techno
Catch the sky's curtain and Earth in your hands
add them all in the pockets of your jacket filled with stars
Dance, dance to the tunes of House and Techno
cos life is only once, no more to repeat yet again
cos you're not a coward and the world belongs to you
Look into the eye of tiger, into the eye of eagle
look into the eye of a snake, a crocodile, don't fear
cos you're the hunter of stars, one who rose like a phoenix !!

" Rise like a Phoenix " by Thaddeus Hutyra 
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved


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