' Awakening '
by Antonio Duarte



Woke up this morning 
Shake the dreams from my eyes
As I choose to the day, the days divinity
Stared into life with the utmost of uncertainty of what she will present for the day
I'm ready to take it in the chin

Chasing her with eagerness to see what unforseen circumstances awaits me
Yet can't seem to catch up with the unpredictable future thats within my grasp for the taking
Leaving all up to faith


I love the odds, fate up against my will

All through the hustle of the mundane
Wrestling with trials of my tribulations 
All through my twisting and turning
In every corner and bend, along my blind side 
Reality comes faster than the speed of light

Showing me her mean teeth
Chewing me up and spitting out 
Mustering up as much strength
From the heaping coals of my will
Putting my back into her, thrusting with my legs
lunging forth like superman
With a viking yawp and a gnarl upon my face
I am made up of steel
If you hadn't notice
Soul refined by the fire of strife
Bones embedded in flesh and blood


I do bleed!

When being put the the test
No more than what Jesus was allowed
No matter how many times I get knocked down
I'm still getting up
With the sweat of my brow
Fighting to survive my unforseen circumstances of my uncertainties
Knowing that im coming out ahead
From the valley of shadow and death, fearing no evil
With nothing but the blade
Extinguishing the flaming arrows of sticks and stones, with the shield of faith

I love the odds, fate up against my will




' Awakening ' by Antonio Duarte
Copyright © Antonio Duarte
All Rights Reserved.


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