' Autumn's Anguishing Cries '
by Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison

Footsteps stumble and
crumble upon leftovers of
a season coming to an end
waiting for winter and
the chill of the winds that
are the weeping wails
of a once living essence
and enchanted gift
of nature in all her glory
listen... you can hear her
weeping with smoldering eyes
it's surreal...unreal...too real...
crushed like dreams
upon the forest floor
crackling sounds under foot
as Autumn's anguish settles in
turning to dust the once
glorious colors of jeweled leaves
of garnet red and golden topaz hues
the ground around the oaken grove
sun slaughtered as Winter settles in
and takes ahold of the extinguishing season
and flickers life's eternal embers
sifting through the scattered
ashes of time suffocating
its soul into an ice induced coma


' Autumn's Anguishing Cries ' by Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison
Copyright © Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison
All Rights Reserved.


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