' Fire Embers Burning Slow '
by Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison


I've always kept myself in a glass houses
I laugh at the irony of it all now
My battles have never been won
There's a longing deep within
My flame no longer burns
you made sure to steal it
My arms desolate and cold
My head I carry low to my chest
how else shall I shield it from
this ominous bulls-eye on my chest
I could once more roam the plains
with wounded hands
or just give up and let it go through
realizing there's my heart, a rather pretty
sight, a bright burning soulful expression of love
on fire at the tip of your arrow
just as I knew someday it would
I once told you my love would
always burn for you...well now you have
a trophy of it stuck on your quiver
tell me will you mount it with the rest
or hide it away for your eyes only
as my time comes to its end
trying to find my salvation
I' fixated on the smoldering arrow
as I lift my head ever so slightly
from lips dripping blood
I blow you a ring of heart shaped smoke
I at last have satisfaction in knowing
your deed this night will eventually drive you mad
Au revoir my love till we meet again in the underworld

' Fire Embers Burning Slow ' by Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison
Copyright © Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison
All Rights Reserved.


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