" Betrayal "
by Thaddeus Hutyra

My love was larger than life, my darling
rivers of honey
flowing across vast lands
most spectacular waterfalls
falling down with godly charms
biodiversity at its best
every time we touched each other
expressing love
till the end of the world and beyond
confident of it, with no questions attached
'cause our love was everlasting

Yet you went away one day
and never came back
There was goodbye sealed on your lips
and in a special expression
of your eyes saying farewell
that night full of shimmering stars
but I didn't yet know it was your farewell
not even when you extended your hand to me
How could I know it for god's sake ?
The realization came the nights afterwards
one after another one
the nights all the stars
were crashing down on Earth
leaving the sky more and more abandoned
as if Wrath of God
became the only reality
that of misery, suffering ...

Your love was larger than life as well
lakes full of swans
with spectacular music of colours
with all their celestial hues
at sunrise and then sunset
every single day
mountains stealing secrets innocently
from heavenly clouds of angels
and keeping the secrets
despite humans trying all the time
to get all of them
in order to get rich
by printing them in the medias
human craziness, indeed
guided by lust of money

What went thus so sour
you decided to leave me ?
I was your man, your and only your
according to what you told me
a thousand and one times

All those whispers of your in my ears
addressed to my very heart
never to be forgotten
the elixirs in my consciousness
and my heart
which made me and my life
blooming eternally

Then there came a brutal stop
neither you around me
nor anything associated with you
Memories only left
shattering me to very pieces
like a mirror hit by a bullet
and its pieces spread
all over the apartment of mine
the emptiness around
life no more

I expressed myself, my darling
on video to be seen in You Tube
Perhaps one day you shall hear me
your heart will soften
and all the memories
which are my curse right now
will spread all over you
and I shall see you knocking on my door
back with me, loving me

Our memories no longer a curse
but auriferous elixirs of our lives
Know it, my darling
wherever you're actually staying
in this beautiful world
full of miseries, however
that I love you and shall love you
till the end of the world
and one day longer
Be sure of it !

You're still in my heart
thumping strong and burning wildly
with the fire of love, to you, my dear
Decide, please, in favor of me
I am your man, my dear
your man and only your man
Hear it, as if I used enchanted wand
I am your man, your only man
I am your man ...


" Betrayal " by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved.


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