' Thorny Path to Liberty '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


Thorny was the humans' path to liberty, pursued on and on
across millennia, of unspeakable, unforgivable butcheries
No nation free of the sin, of apocalyptic dimensions
the so called wars, men murdering men on false assumptions
and indeed for no reason, just to please their rulers
showing off the true nature, closer to the devil than God
Empires had a godlike status, men none, as before so now

Thorny was path to liberty even for such a great nation
as the United States itself, the country cherishing liberty
A whole nation Liberty Hall, indeed but why not elsewhere ?
We all know America was first to tribute freedoms decisively
beginning with the Founding Fathers and ending on Obama
yet no crime can be and should ever be hidden, tolerated
and on the contrary should be exposed, Guantanamo the latest

Thorny was the path to liberty in every corner of the world
Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, the holocaustic II World War
all those concentration camps, with Auschwitz most evil
within which alive men, women and even children the angels
were experimented with in most bestial ways, the kingdoms of death!
Finally gassed and their souls went straight to Heavens
Over one million Jewish children were killed in the Holocaust
out of six million of Jewish people killed by the Nazis
the two thirds of all Jewish people who had resided in Europe before

Stalin and the ruthless communists were the next, with enslaved nations
Mao Tse Tung and a billion of slaves in that entire Chinese nation
Communist ideology seemed to be spreading like a worldwide cancer
till Solidarity of Poland stopped its march and reversed into a decay
The world breathed a sigh of relief but what a mistake was it, indeed
In place of the former Soviet Union Putin's Russia is now on its march
with its overwhelming wish to regain the status of a worldwide empire
on the march to the III World War if needed, a schizophrenic power
the ruthless empire in the last spasms of monstrosities
After Crimea the rest of Ukraine is now at risk to be targeted
whether the world likes it or not, the world being laughed off
Kremlin, the nest of authoritarian rule, of the former KGB spies
a mafia nest greater than the greatest of the American godfathers
while World powers look weak and impotent as they did prior to WWII
Obama and European leaders fancying themselves with sanctions
on Russian individuals only, with no effect at all on the Kremlin's actions

Thorny was the path to liberty, all those inhuman assassinations
from Congo's beloved Patrice Lumumba, the chance of his country
to as much beloved freedom preacher Martin Luther King of the USA
from the Kennedy brothers' murders to the attack on John Paul II
miraculously saved by Our Father, watching us from the Heavens

Thorny was the path to liberty, indeed, from the very beginning
Humans the wolves talking freedom, blood thirsty more than devils
All the human history bathed over and over in indescribable cruelties
tortures beyond worst imaginaries, premature deaths on a daily basis

Oh, Star of Liberty, have mercy over this ungrateful human race
one filled with a devil alike hatreds and racism equalling the horrors
committed across millennia of all human civilizations to this day
the civilizations for which human lives meant nothing, nothing at all
Western ideology of liberty, equality and fraternity was spreading
since the revolutions in France and America with all powerful message
to unite for the better times, for achieving best of civilizations ever
It was so beautifully sealed by the immortal Statue of Liberty
which every single night lights the Star of Liberty with her torch

Say, Star of Liberty, do we have yet a chance, any chance
to end our millennia long path, the path to liberty, with a success?
Or are we doomed, this time finally, with the gravest doom scenario
which is hanging above us, the III World War, a nuclear holocaust ?!!
Yearning are our souls to freedoms, the freedoms denied us by our rulers
always finding new ways to diminish our chances, and keep us in chains
Pythons and cobras writhe around us, poison us with their deadly venoms
making of us tools on behalf of our empires, killing our free spirits
Agents of Islamism kidnap us and hang us from the cranes or otherwise
if we do not cooperate and do not give up all of our dreams
and succumb to the most deadly ideology the world ever witnessed

Tell me now, my dear soulmates, do we really enjoy our freedoms
when we have them just for ourselves and deny them to others ?
When we let the rulers to use the tools of war to murder the weaker of us
on an unprecedented scale, cemeteries spreading of monstrous sizes
just within seconds sometimes, while we're cheering our so called victories
while in fact it's nothing else but one empire's final say on enslavement
a final blow to any chance of liberty, turning our desired Star of Liberty
into yet another supernova, a decaying star no longer being what it used to be
the proud Star of Liberty, supporting freedoms we are so much longing to
I have opened the Pandora Box, my dear soulmates, which I closed as soon I opened.
Perhaps there is yet a chance for a better tomorrow, assuming we stand up
for our freedoms, and follow the Star of Liberty guiding us to our desired freedoms


' Thorny Path to Liberty ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved.

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