'Shimmering Shadows'
By Ryan Christiano.

Feel it in the hush of the day
Wind rustled trees
Showing you the way
Come what may
You'll have the final say
It's time for you
To fly away

Every night you pray
That fairy tales
Come true
Keeping doubts at bay
That dwell inside of you
Knowing someday
Believing one day
Hoping this day
Your prince will find you
So he can
Take you away

As you run
Caressed by the sun
Light surrenders to night
The soul takes flight
As the heart thumps
To the beat
Of your feet
Upon celestial concrete
The time is right
To fly away

Happiness surrounds you
Like glistening morning dew
The hues of your eyes
Mirror sunrise
Dreams never die
Destiny cries
It's time for you
To fly

'Shimmering Shadows'
Ryan Christiano. Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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