" Confession "
by Thaddeus Hutyra


Believe it or not, my dear soulmates
my soul is shattered, my body in ruins
It seems I am a living dead, life has no sense
for she left me, with no a word of farewell
no chance to ever see each other again

How many times we met she assured me
she shall never leave me cause she loves me
She was playing games lovingly, feverishly
listening to soul - stirring trance and techno
while I was playing with her, Heavens on Earth !

She was my immortal Garden of Eden
with all fruits of the world, incessantly
I was her turbulent mountain river
she could do rafting on any time she wished
Our love was as sound as a bell, indeed
full of good laugh, with no silly season at all

We splashed in our endless adventures
destined to be permanent, everlasting
Her face was my elixir full of honey
as much as her whole body, so sweet

Her eyes' expressions, always fresh, so amorous
as if she were a newly discovered scarlet woman
I was literally bathing in them all the time
burning wildly at the same time, in fires of desire

I no longer know whether she really loved me
or whether I was an object of her insatiable lust
But I know for sure our joyful relationship
is written down forever among the stars

We could look at each other for hours
and drink all the nectars of the world
from our soulful eyes, expressing it all
drink till we were completely drunken

'Cause it was most powerful liqueur in the world
one called love, a honey poured down your throat
the real love when one is wholly on fierce fire
one's mind, one's body, one's entire self

It was so good when we were together
and we never thought it would end one day
Then suddenly, as if devil came in between
there was emptiness only, deafening one
a realization she was gone and I was left
with a love which never really was fulfilled

Shattered is my soul now, gray are my days
long are the coming years, years upon years
while she remains unforgotten all the time
with every single moment, every passing day
Seeming to be far away, too far to reach ever
somewhere there among the bright stars
despite living only a hundred miles away

It looks fate was playing crude tricks on us
and only deeply hidden thoughts are left asking
could it not be different, in a reversed way ?
It seemed then the Wrath of God reached us
whatever the reason was it, beyond our understanding
no mercy for the sinful Earthlings, not at all

The questions remained continuously, however
What was so wrong she went one day away
with no goodbye, no a word of farewell at all
Was it because she no longer loved me
or was it because she was a scarlet woman ?

Tell me whoever you are, my dear soulmates
how can I shake off this awful nightmare
How can I forget all this, the never fulfilled love
the bitterness of parting, her definite departure
a knowledge we shall never meet again

What was our love is now a decaying tree
left on unwelcome ground in the desert
Never to be burned down for its sins
languishing on the American prairie
and splashed by the hell alike merciless Sun

My dear priest in your holy confessional
let me confess and let me forget this affair
the affair I call my love, perhaps sinful one
No more rivers of tears, no more despair
Let the holy water flow onto my head
and onto my body and even deeper
into my very soul decaying of nothingness

Let cleanse and purify me from inside
never again to fall into the trap of such love
unfulfilled, dooming one into unholy abyss
Accept this confession, my holy Father
and be sure I shall be reborn with a vengeance
What was is gone, definite and forever
no more this awful trap I had fallen into
no more of what I called my love, that stupid love

I am now myself a rhythmic trance and techno
a musical, blues, pop and rock, whatever
A free man yet again, enjoying the joys of the day
My love is forgotten, buried deeply in the ground
forbidden fruit never to be tried again
I am dancing with my arms spread wide out of a joy
and my soul, my best soulmate is assisting me
my soul, no longer shattered, and I myself, reborn

Thanks God Almighty for this merciful bounty
which has flown onto me by Your Holy Spirit
during this confession, in this holy confessional
the confession which caused I am really reborn
happy again, dancing carelessly in the whirling wind


" Confession " by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved.

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