' Aladdin's Carpet '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


See the interstellar rider
on the Aladdin's carpet
speeding up
throughout the heavenly motorway
splashed by the stars
He himself being a shadow
to the radiance of the Aladdin's lamp
and all the one thousand and one nights
appearing one after another one
to the symphony of enchanted wand
Who is this mysterious rider
a spiderman of the stars
a true starman
with insatiable need for speed
or perhaps overwhelmed
by his love's urge
intensified by Cupid's nectar ?

See his girlfriend, a princess
of unearthly beauty
hidden somewhere there
in the interstellar space
on the crossroads of the universes
in a palace of heavenly light
to which only the interstellar rider
knows the way
She is a personification
of everything what is known in love
in dreams
in passions
It's enough you look once at her
and you love her
and only her
You are never again the same
her only lover
dreaming of her day and night
no Cupid's nectar needed

See them greeting each other
and dancing interstellar tango
to the tunes of the symphony of love
His Alladin's lamp and enchanted wand
are doing wonders upon wonders
Not only great music spreads across the universes
but also singing is being heard
from unidentified chorus
perhaps the chorus of the universes
one equalling
the chorus of heavenly angels
in their Garden of Eden
They kiss each other spontaniously
no need to be rebel hearts
no need to hide what they feel
Their passion is on fire
hearts on fire

See them both dancing in the stars
a tango, celestial tango
Their love is entertwined now forever
as much as their lives
They shall never ever allow
to get split again from each other
Living together
in their castle among the stars
spending time in loving each other
in treating themselves
with a thousand a one kisses
passionate ones
and travelling together if need be
in the interstallar spaces
They are the lovers of the Universe
the guardians of galaxies
bond to be together

What a philharmonic it is, celestial one !
And what a dance ! A dance of the true love !
The dance of the ridder and his beauty, his love !
What a splendid display of love !
Oh, dance whoever you are
dance till the very morning
be sure the lamp of Aladdin
and the interstellar stars
are accompanying you
in this joy of yours
and your dance
on the Aladdin's interstellar carpet
Parhaps it's only in your nightly dreams
but who knows
perhaps one night
Alladin and his princess
will descend on their carpet
and invite you
to their interstellar adventure
You shall join them
in something
of unerthly dimension
and the morning after
you will radiate
with happiness


" Aladdin's Carpet " by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra, April 24th 2014
All Rights Reserved.

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