' Curiosity filled cats '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


Look at those two curiosity filled cats
sitting in the window
before the infinite face of God
the cats, splendidly black
and resembling black panthers
watching the fabulous scenery
glistening before their very eyes
The scenery as if from the Alice wonderland
splashed by the spotless whiteness
of the winter around
in the shadows of the night
and by diamond dust with icicles
Snow White in the mantle of the night
a true winter solstice

Look at those two marvelous cats
the curiosity filled cats
watching the outside world
with their tiger alike eyes
the eyes which can cause
you shiver
when the eye contact is unexpected
and perhaps even
you feel frightened
when it happens
in the darkness of the night
Just imagine a tiger
before your very eyes

Curiosity filled cats, so imperial
needing lots of staff around them
Their eyes are shining brilliantly
like diamonds and emeralds
as much as the glistening stars
on the heavenly curtain of the night
resembling phantom of the opera
while the stars alike the bells
shine and tinkle, jingle and radiate,
ring and scintillate, sing and clatter
You know no longer
of they are stars only or bells, or both
giving a heavenly concert
which radiates in our minds and our hearts
with a strength of champagne alike outbursts

Look at those curiosity filled cats
which are looking at the stars
with the outmost attention
and are trying to catch them
with their lovely black paws
adding some new sounds
to the ongoing starry musical
the musical of Heavens and Earth

Oh, look at those curiosity filled cats
two cats only, the Teddy bears
at a deep night
splashed by the moonshine
and the city lights
millions upon millions
of earthly stars
from the very many windows
of the City skyscrapers
and rival
to the trillions upon trillions
of the twinkling stars
on the firmament of the sky
the stars turning into the bells
and the bells into the stars
a celestial musical, indeed

What a peaceful night it is
quiet as in a deepest dream
with Heavenly musical
in the soul-stirring background
Two books are lying next
to blossom the cat's wisdoms
while the gleaming stars
continue to act staggeringly
like all the bells
from Edgar Poe's poem
so much shimmering, twinkling
scintillating, sparkling, buzzing
singing even, a symphony of music
as if for one thousand and one nights
but it's only one night, this night
Don't be afraid, the same shall happen
the next night and following nights
just count on
on the curiosity filled cats

Believe it, dear reader, or not
our curiosity filled cats
know quite a lot
about this strange world
they're living in
About those human creatures
always busy
never having time
quarreling quite often
with strange habits
killing themselves softly
with some notes they call dollars
or Euro's, or whatever
The cats' necks and their tails
are intertwined lasciviously
It seems they are in love
Are they ?

Yet our curiosity filled cats
have time till the very end of the world
Sure of it !
No need to hurry
just looking at this majestic City
and at the Heaven's Curtain
crafted so beautifully
with all those brilliant stars
shining and shimmering
more or less brilliantly
glittering till the eternity
The stars which seem to be thrown
onto the strings of a harp
or are spreading and spreading
out of a divine trumpet
or some enchanted saxophone
Oh, God's decadency !!

Our curiosity filled cats
are still looking up the sky
Perhaps they are trying to guess
what's behind all those stars
From time to time, of course
they bring their paws up
and are trying to catch the curtain
and move it
in order to be able to see
that mysterious window behind
Sometimes they're lucky enough
to touch this or that Heavenly string
because the sounds from the stars
are quite of those
from the Christmas bells
attached to the Santa Clause cartload
And so the music goes on

What a window it must be
one to all of God's Creations !!
Just extend your paws
and move the curtain away
and you have it, the Heavens
in all their divine splendidity !!
My goodness, the cats' curiosity
seems to be borderless !
Can they succeed ?

One doesn't have to be expert to know
how much the curiosity filled cats
would love to spring there
first onto the roll alike sandwiched Moon
and then onto the Heaven's Curtain
Catch it and move it
or even push it out violently if need be
with all those stars crashing down
in a spectacular way
and then just sit comfortably
on that other window
the Window of Heavens
and peep then into the deeper worlds
the ones belonging to angels

The thought of stars crashing down
seems to be most amusing
to those curiosity filled cats
The cats who are never alone
and are always keeping together
Two cats in lovely intimacy
splashed by the shimmering stars
the curiosity filled cats, indeed

Look closely now and see it, in black and white
These are not really cats
neither some phantom cats
They are just two human souls
in a blinking glow of love
so much jingling and tinkling, and twinkling
like all those stars turning into bells
and heavenly bells turning into stars
The love which is shining gloriously
as much as the stars on the nightly sky
The love, a shimmering star itself !
See the curiosity filled lovers in their arms
watching the Universe splashed with stars
from the window they're sitting on
What a soul - stirring love it is !!


' Curiosity filled cats ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra, April 14, 2014
All Rights Reserved.


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