' Shine '
by Ken Blick

Shine shine shine,
It's your time to shine.
Open up your heart
because it's time to shine.

I was on a broken path,
living for today.
I had opportunities,
but I threw them all away.

Smoking dope and getting drunk,
that was the life for me.
It wasn't very hard to find,
plenty of company.

I didn't know it.
God had a plan for me.
What other's saw as waste,
God saw a light in me.

He sent his angel,
and I beat her down.
She returned to heaven,
but without her crown.

Smoking dope and getting high,
that's the life for me.
Stop wasting your time,
I'm not worth your sympathy.

I don't pray,
I yell when I'm mad.
I raised my fist to Heaven
but I cried out loud.

Shine shine shine,
I wanted to shine.
But I was too deep,
and I was covered in slime.

The clouds turned black
and then it started to rain.
It washed my soul
and erased my shame.

I was on my knees
when the clouds broke free.
Slicing through the darkness
was a ray of light on me.

Aglow in the moment,
I broke down and cried.
I opened up my heart
and let my savior inside.

Shine shine shine,
I started to shine.
I noticed a man
that had been hidden inside.

If I could find redemption,
and your story's just like mine.
Don't give up,
God want's you to shine.


' Shine ' by Ken Blick
Copyright © Ken Blick KWB(2014)
All Rights Reserved.

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