' A Time Stands Still '
by Elluisa IStandfor Jesusa


As time stands still
With tunes of Rhythym and blues,
Dressed in tie die and good ole body glove,
While dancing to my blue suede shoe.

Hearts are racing full of fire,
Oh baby can't you see my desire?
The pulse in my heart,
Oh God just to lookFresh at the start.

Looking deep into your eyes
wanting to feel your embrace.
As time stands still,
Wishing to be in your grace.

Time lingers on
my heart wanting more
As time stands still
Im laying here on the floor.

Is this how it will Forever be?
Will one ever see?
Forever through your eyes I see,
Must time just stand still?

' A Time Stands Still ' by Elluisa IStandfor Jesus
©E.Vargas 3-12-14


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