' Ode to a Poet '
by Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison


One day you will find my letter
a tattered and crumbled piece
of parchment stained with bloody tears
written from shaky hands of an aging poet
that have lost their substance
from a pen that has
lost its flow and from words
that have lost all meaning
that once flowed freely from my soul
I have given in, lost all hope
Surrendering to fate that is... time
I face a vindictive reality and it's hard
to see a face staring back at me
this mirrored image of aging flesh
youth drained from my body
eyes with no soul staring back at me
there is a darkness inside killing me
a slow captivating death
choking my vitality
an all consuming pain to the
bone feeling and
empty starts to grow
like a withered flower
denied sunlight
all I want is to find
a place so far away
somewhere I will
never remember you
and I will not have
to think anymore
about the pain of loss
and how it felt like a knife slowly
peeling away layers of skin
then like rapidly flowing water
a calm numbing sensation
envelopes me as I close my eyes
and surrender as the life
is slowly fading from my body
a abrupt hopeless feeling
rushes through my mind
like sands through an hourglass
my time is at an end and I know
I'm never meant again to
see the light of day

' Ode to a Poet ' by Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison
Copyright © Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison
All Rights Reserved.

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