' Die Winter, Die '
by Ken Blick


Die Winter, Die
Winter, it's icy grip unwilling to unseat itself from the seasons rightful heir.
Cold, the Winter heart still beats.
Summer will not allow such fancies, but Spring is much more tender and young.
She gathers the cold and hungry and nourishes them with sunlight and rain so they can grow and become strong again.
Die Winter, Die.
Your time is elapsing and your spurts of contemptuous behavior shall soon be ceased.
Sun and rain will melt your exterior and plow's will dig deep into your unfrozen flesh.
Growth and life will spring from the land you laid barren during your reign.
Birds will build nests in the budding branches of the trees you devoured.
Spring is the beginning, you are the end.
Die Winter, Die

' Die Winter, Die ' by Ken Blick
Copyright © Ken Blick
All Rights Reserved.

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