' A Black Stallion'
by Jahanshah Rashidian


If you look up into the sky
You will see that little star
Lit on the Milky Way
Look closely
You will see there a black stallion
Son of the south wind
Hastening to see his beloved
Only once a year
When Earth is close to this star
Very close.

It was a long time ago....
He flew down to Earth
His hooves beat out our planet
He flew to the mountain
From a distance he looked like a black horizon
All over the desert land.

The sun rose slowly
The white mare with bangs appeared
Suddenly he found her...
He waved his mane and then ran after her.

They galloped through the mountains at length
Finally they went down there
Where the land is connected to the sea
There was plenty of fresh water and grass
They beat the hoof
And the water was splashing and splashing...
They danced in a slow manner
The birds sang love story:
As if they were destined to be together forever.

He suddenly said to her:
"I have to go
On balance
I can only once a year visit you
When Earth is that close to my star."

In this high-flown fabulous day
They have flown yet over the fields
And deserts.

Through the last rays of the setting sun
Before saying goodbye to this magical day
He gazed at mare silently
There were forces driving him away
As if he should jump on Star Trek...

She, innocently ran after him
Till she reached to the edge of a deep abyss
Frightened, she stood on her hind legs.
She whinnied, farewell
Goodbye stallion...!

Let's listen to them!
After all, when the stars are lit
Does it mean that someone loves you?
Let's listen!
You will hear the sound of that sea
And the clatter of hooves
Look up into the sky
At those distant stars
It is perhaps there, among the stars
Are you expecting the miracle?


' A Black Stallion'
by Jahanshah Rashidian
Copyright © Jahanshah Rashidian
All Rights Reserved.

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