' Twisted Dreams '
by Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison


Twisted Dreams
Treading through water,
Looking up at the sky.
I move with more grace
When I begin to cry.
These razors are my friends,
The only ones I knew,
The only ones I ever had.
This life is mine to show.
I hear a faint whisper saying
I can show you the world,
just let me in
But I'd rather not.
My heart has been twisted,
Tied up in knots.
Where does it end
When will it stop
This pain is eternal.
I need to taste one sweet drop.
Pour out the blood.
Open your veins.
Life is ending.
All that's left is pain.
Breathe into me.
Tell me I'm not real.
Show me that I'm blind.
Prove to me that I can't feel.
I feel cold,
But only on the inside.
My face wears a smile.
Are you certain I am me?
Forever longing for love,
But too lost to find myself.
When you find me,
Will there be a happy ending?
How will you ever know how I feel?
I could never utter those words to you.
I'm too insecure to admit it.
I hang my head low, in shame.
I lie awake at night,
Wondering where you are,
And when I shall see you again.
I grow anxious over you.
missing you, wanting you
I wonder is this real
or just my twisted dreams


' Twisted Dreams '
by Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison
Copyright © Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison
All Rights Reserved.

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