' Despair '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


See the woman at the lake shore
with a river of tears
flowing from her cheeks
streaming down into the lake
She is lost in a despair
cause she had a lover now gone
nowhere to be found anymore
One doesn't have to have eagle eyes
to see her despair is unbearable
impossible to withstand
The one she loves is gone
definitely too much for her to bear
Yet yesterday she was happy
dancing among the roses in the garden
Happiness turned into a despair now
What a mockery of life
the soulful one into a soulless one !
The face of life has suddenly turned itself
to a face of death, dark as a witch
and though she is still living
agonizingly, in a full blown pain


Poor, poor woman in red
we all know what does it feel
to lose one you love
What's the most painful is
is when you love someone
who goes away, without a word
An unbearable pain, your tyrant !
It's a feeling of thousands of arrows
piercing you at the same time
of getting shot again and again
by an execution squad
of invisible enemy
and though you're still alive
the living dead, still in excruciating pain


See the woman at the lake shore
the lake which is turning itself
into a sea, the sea of tears, her tears
cause she is no longer able to withstand
the departure of her loved one
the one who has always been her life
the life no longer there
as if a shimmering star
were swallowed by some monster
She doesn't understand
why he is gone away
Shall she ever ?
They had so many lovely moments
caring for each other
kissing each other
loving each other
an unbroken love


And though he is gone
no longer in her life
without saying goodbye
just gone
as if his heart was of stone
and he himself of no soul at all
Why no farewell ?
Why what he did ?
That innumerable cruelty !!
How could it be possible
it happened what happened
when she did feel his heart
when lying next to him
and his stirring soul
when making love together ?!
She had heard stories
it's joyous when there is a happy end
but there are numerous cases
your love one goes away
and never comes back.
She has heard it often
some teenagers commit suicides
because it is too much for them to bear
but never thought
she was going to experience the same


See the woman at the sea shore
overwhelmed by her despair
pulling hair out of her head
tearing her dress apart
Her cry being heard
across the vast sea
being echoed more and more powerfully
while the sea itself is becoming
more and more stormy
as if feeling the current
flowing from her overwhelming despair
Stay away sailors from this sea
if you do not want to get drowned
in its merciless depths
and remember whoever you are
no more love you and leave you
but love you forever love you
or hear no mercy, cease to exist


Committing a suicide
is and shouldn't ever be a solution
but there have always been
many cases worldwide
when it did happen,
chiefly among teenagers
although other people
are also not immune
It's a deeply psychological problem
especially when the person
you deeply love leaves you
and never comes back
Love is blind love is full
love is you both in embrace
no matter what !!
It's indeed a traumatic dilemma
when your love one is gone
never again to be seen


See the woman at the ocean shore
with an endless cry
No, she will never be able
to accept the evil
anchored on her and in her
piercing her from within
eating her mind, her heart
and her soul as much
leaving nothing left of her
but her, the leaving dead indeed
See the woman at the ocean shore
a step from throwing herself
into the immense, dark depths
May the sharks swallow her
and make the end of her
No chance to her soul as well
damned for now, cursed forever


It is said a psychological pain
can be as strong as physical one
Excruciating beyond anything to say
What to do in such cases ?
If one can afford it
perhaps it's best to make
an adventurous trip
This certainly would put
ones mind on a track.
Otherwise keep your mind open
let all your thoughts flow naturally
try things you like
and perhaps the pain
shall indeed subside and flow away ...


Oh, angels, strike back at the evil
the one who stole the heart
of the woman's loved one
cause he, the one she loves
is only her last chance
Gone for good ? No, this can't !!
Look at the thunderstorm
above the ocean and the land
Look closely now, there
from some shadowy environment
a male figure appears
He's walking slowly
towards the woman at the ocean shore
While a step from her
he extends his hand to her


See the woman at the ocean shore
and at the ocean itself
which is rapidly turning back to the sea
and then the sea back to a lake
full of swans in love
See the woman now at the lake shore
transforming herself
in the blink of an eye
from the living dead
to the one she has always been
the hauntingly ethereal
most beautiful
and a fiercely happy woman
a woman in love, indeed
She is now in the arms
of her loved one
the lover she thought she lost
My goodness, he has returned !
She's in his arms !!


They dance a tango
their own tango, the tango of love
Smiling are angels
and dancing a tango as well
to the tunes of a symphony
the symphony of love, indeed
There is no trace of despair in the air
neither of the thunderstorm anymore
and instead there is a sunshine
from the summery Sun's rays
seeming to be dancing as much
to the tunes of the Symphony of Love
The woman in love and her lover
are dancing and dancing
their tango of love
in the embrace of the Sun
and soon also
in the embrace of the shimmering stars
all belonging to them
A triumph of love
no longer a broken promise
Well, there is though a happy end !!


' Despair ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyr, March 2014
All Rights Reserved.

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