' Mysterious guy with a cigar '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


Who am I, someone in the street as you
in the very summer daylight
and the very spring moonshine
at the dawn and the dusk
Looking like ghost from outer world
with a soul broken to a million
of shining diamonds
on the surface of my chained body
far from being starlit
A mysterious guy, indeed
with a Cuban cigar in my mouth

I was born on this great planet Earth
ruled by vicious men and women
who chained not only me
but also much of this world
longwise and in breadth
giving little a breath to the world folk
and even definitely less
to what's different, uncommon
There is a say of a wise man
every cloud has a silver lining
but the question is
can you break a wall with your head?

Laugh dear Ernest Hemingway
laugh Proust equally from your graves
for this world changed so little
despite the enormous so called changes
Day and night, incessantly
we're still having Clash of Civilisations
the Islamist disdain of freedom
numerous tyrannies of all faces
latest that of Putin's Crimea invasion
misunderstandings of enormous proportions
continuous and never being resolved
It looks life sucks as if nothing ever changed
throughout all the centuries

Chained is this globe enormously
in this era of technological advances
the so called free Internet
more and more commercialized
with Google at the forefront
and the Big Brothers watching
all the way from the NSA to the Kremlin
Chained are people living in poverty
with less and less water to drink
the global warming yet another threat
to deal with from now on
Why this world seems to be
etched in stone, blindly ?

We're working hard in our jobs
trying our best to run our businesses
and finding out on one rainy day
all these was … paying to be slave
You can't keep the wolf at bay, indeed
Lauging is the chorus of demons
not only in the very mists of the night
but also in the very daylight after daylight
Your entire life is a twilight, visible or not
and fighting with the demons
which never leave you in peace
a never ending, lifelong misery
till you end up in a grave
filled with the same demons
and ironically still not a place for you in

Killing sprees continue rapidly
the numerous executions
cruel to the core
hangings from the crane
shots in the back of the head
lethal injections on the beds of death
chopping of heads away from bodies
All these legitimized, rightly or not
by this and that so called law
in the various countries of the world
Is this what this world is about ?
Say no to the Saudi Arabian royals
allowing human rights violations
say no to Iranian ayatollahs
say no to North Korean regime
no to the Kremlin, no to all tyrannies
to all those disregarding human dignity

Oh yes, tyrannies are spreading
like mushrooms after the rain
The Soviet Union earlier
imperial Russia now
spreading from Iran of the ayatollahs
to Islamist regimes across Middle East
to even Big Brothers in the rest of the world
Many courts worldwide are acting
as if they were the Kangaroo courts instead
No justice, no freedom, disdain to liberty
a laughing stock
to the little man of the street
as always in history so now
chaining him over and over
till he can move no longer
to such a degree his own soul
can't get out, imprisoned as well

Soul, the flightless bird
when a man a woman are chained
Soul, the one which can fly
through any dimensions
when a man a woman are unchained
Soul, the bird of freedom
shining like a virgin star
the star of liberty
from within a man a woman
and throughout the entire Universe
Soul, the bird which can fly
all the way towards the Heavens
and our God Allmighty, the Saviour

Oh, who am I, who are we really
Am I the only mysterious man
or are we all mysterious men and women
running our lives to our best
only to find out we're paying to be slave
Mysterious despite being
of blood and bone
No freedom in sight, the angel in the sky
no liberty in sight as well
the sunshine from our Lord
but our bodies chained, and our souls
We, the mysterious men and women
with the Cuban cigars in our mouths


' Mysterious guy with a cigar ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra, February 2014
All Rights Reserved.

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