' We, Ukrainians, don't back down '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


People of Ukraine, don't back down
it's your country
all the way from Lviv to Kharkov
Thorny was your history
tragic, in rivers of blood
Yet finally new times
knocked on your national doors
Orange Revolution came
then Euromaidan
New times like a Shooting Star
upon you all and your country
the times which have determined
your present and your future
your fate above all !!
Don't let Putin
to have it his way
No to Putin, the bloodsucker
no to hegemony
of a neighboring country
even if it is a power of all powers !!

You're the flower of freedom, Ukrainians
you're the sunshine
of all your desires
dreams which must come true
Yes, liberty must be achieved
and yes, freedom is already
in your hearts, Ukrainians
your freedom
which was born
on the Euromaidan
and shall spread
across entire Ukraine
Freedom, a flower of all flowers
a light of enlightenment
a road to democracy
and independence
Keep it your way, Ukrainians
don't back down
Ukraine is yours
and shall be yours forever

Sure, no Putin, no Kremlin
We, Ukrainians, don't back down
we shall never back down
Our road is towards stars
towards liberty and not any chains
towards German motorways
French fashion stories
English city lights
Polish hospitality
European Stars, American Stripes
All these here, in Ukraine
We're free, independent
a country on its own
on the path
towards our own destiny
Sure, no Putin, no Kremlin !!
We, Ukrainians, don't back down
and shall never back down
Go back, Putin, where you came from
you're not welcome here
Bye, bye, Putin. Bye, bye !!


' We, Ukrainians, don't back down ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra, February 2014
All Rights Reserved.

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