' Orwellian Town '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


You may think it's a free society
in the heart of the West - East
yet they sting you day and night
and are your death of a thousand cuts
You are a decent man
hard working business owner
adding your voice to the needy
to all human rights issues
yet they are still plotting
how to bring you down, viciously
and in the back of your head
there is always a police threat
whatever it might be
You might be an angel
you're still not free
encountering constantly
a psychological terror
never able to be carefree
to live careless
in conditions treason alike
And there is more
you don't know about
Internet surveillance
by whatever secret services
being on police watch
and many other things
which make your life sour
Orwellian 1984, welcome in 2014 !
Oh yes, Big Brother is watching !!

Yes, you were born in another country
yet you're a citizen of this country now
Despite this
it's enough for the locals
to look at you as at a stranger
from a planet Mars
Never friends never anything good
but planets distance alike animosities
and them the snakes alike creatures
which wriggle round your feet
with their venoms
How many times
you asked yourself
what's wrong with all those people
what is the source of their racism
is it a remnant from the colonial times
as well as from the time of Adolf Hitler ?
Is it typical of this Orwellian town
or a disease in the entire West and East ?
Dutch, English, not only German ?
That of Putin's Russia, China as well ?
You no longer know
where the truth lies
Propaganda machine
simply beams with triumphs
Orwellian 1984, welcome in 2014 !
Oh yes, Big Brother is watching !!

You do your best
you turn your house into a palace
yet they, your unwanted 'nanny'
a police state rather
send you a registered letter
' The facade is decorated with blue siding
you got a refusal with file number ...
As long as no license is issued
for the facade change
no authorization can be given
for placing advertising on the facade '
No reclame box thus for your shop
portraying Statue of Liberty
no to it despite that it could be
a tourist attraction
And by the way
forget any chance
they accept anything
Their job is to spite you !!
That's their work
to make bizarre problems
stapling themselves on and on
Yet they make the worst out of it
blows following blows
Do it as they want not as you want
or otherwise …
Yes, the police squads are ready
Orwellian 1984, welcome in 2014 !
Oh yes, Big Brother is watching !!

They, this Orwellian town's bureaucrats
are like parasites
and like uninvited rats
getting into your own house
and messing around
biting you again and again
sending you registered letters
with threats to punish you
How little time shall pass
when you'll be billed
for even walking the street !!
They, the Act of God
God's Work, and God's Word
They the vampires rather
on the service to the devil
and you're nothing, nothing at all
you the so called free Western or Eastern man
you, a citizen as they are
at least according to
what is written down
on your own identity card
Oh irony, godlike decadency !!
Surrender or face them
them, ' your God '
of this Orwellian town !!
Orwellian 1984, welcome in 2014 !
Oh yes, Big Brother is watching !!


' Orwellian Town ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Thaddeus Hutyra. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.


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