' On the Wings of a Dove '
by Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison


As darkest night seizes light of day, a soft breeze whispers
to me through the trees of a willow
I lay here on this cold harsh ground the concrete my pillow
in which I lay my weary head ever so aware of the slightest sound
as darkness lingers all about, my judgment once clouded
but now my mind is free and clear, thinking back to days of old
so much I did fear and a single tear falls, I'm chained to
this wall for the rest of my days to remind me of a pain so strong
what did we hope to gain by drudging up past blames
loves been broken and this pain is constant, I've paid my dues now darkness
falls upon me and enters to raid my soul, words unspoken
my heart has turned to ice no fire can ever melt
body, soul and mind tormented, a lifetime of dreams shattered
I sit here in this dungeon I am sentenced to I've never felt so alone
over thinking my mind bludgeoned, when once deceived you feel your heart may
never be retrieved from the blackness that has taken over
and you are shaken to your very core by a pain so strong you feel it in your bones
and all in life is wrong, in my head plays the saddest tune
I longed for a love so divine one that I could call mine
then in one fleeting moment realization sinks in, that you will never be the same
everything was a fabricated fantasy a deluded truth, to
believe a love that strong and true is real, and knowing it dose not exist
dreaming of it makes your insides blue and a dark hue engulfs me
as I sit confined behind these walls that are closing in on me
more and more each day, I once thought only if I prayed
long enough for you every night I'd be found and rescued
but to my dismay you never came, now left with broken dreams
it seems all will remain the same just as yesterday and the day before
it tore at the core of my being, now with eyes wide open I'm seeing the truth
I fade to black and will forever remain a prisoner in this dark dungeon
you put me in for an eternity, as I feel my lungs taking final breaths
and I hear beautiful music as I'm carried away on the wings of a dove
while snow lightly falls covering the vessel that once was I
reaching for the light thinking I finally know my destiny

' On the Wings of a Dove '
by Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison
Copyright © Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison
All Rights reserved

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