' Broken'
by Rose Mary Mckenzie


The pain when saying good bye
Heart broken, tears in my eyes
In sides feel empty and bare
We said we would always care

Love from far away
Had no chance, no say
Looking for you every day
Please come back I pray

My heart is broken
Pain is my token
Words left unspoken
Leaving my self open

I see no warm light
I search for you in the night
loves is not right?
You hide out of sight.

God took you from me
Can't understand, cannot see
I need to trust, let it be
Letting go is the key

Now bye forever?
Forgetting you, never!
Life is severed
I'll survive, I will get better

You are a part of me
Can you not see?
Alright, I will leave
I will let you be

My heart is broken
Pain my token
Love words unspoken

' Broken'
by Rose Mary Mckenzie
Copyright © Rose Mary Mckenzie
All Rights reserved

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