' Cain and Abel no more '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


Life, like a distant star
within your own body
like a light attached
shiny consciousness
brain enforced
blood supported
oxygen breathed
waking you up
in a Van Gogh alike scenery
Picasso alike fantasy
a dream come true
strolling alongside a beach
and seeing the Sun
yet bathing in the ocean
Oh, describe, Voltaire, what is life
you can it best

Love, a bouquet of roses
by the tears from the sky
and lightnings threatening
to burn it alive but stronger than life
Love, the emotion engulfing you
to the point you're seeing
your beloved constantly
in the eye of your own self
Your heart is pulsating
stronger and faster
at each thought
about her, your Aphrodite
Oh, say, Shakespeare
what is love
you can it best

Freedom of the individual
especially dignity of women
democracy vice tyranny
enlightenment vice terror
Oh, say John Locke
say Jean-Jacques Rousseau
shall we ever learn
how to govern ourselves best
to the highest civilisational standards
away from terror
away from a tyranny ? !
Oh, say, present day policy makers
José Manuel Barroso, Angela Merkel
US and EU parliamentariars
what to do this world
becomes a better place to live in ?!
How to deal with men as Putin
sitting in monstrous spider's webs
de killing fields of intrigues
and pulling strings from behind the scenes
as what he did in Syria's Apocalypse
and what he's doing now
in Ukraine, threatening rivers of blood
while the world is holding its breath ?!

And finally Palestinians and Jews
Why there is so much adversity
between Israel and Palestinians ?
Why being Cain and Abel alike ?
Why not brothers and sisters
extending hands to each other ?
What is standing in the way ?
Rubicon never to be crossed ?
Religious ? Ideological ? Whatever ?
Shall you, people of Israel
and Palestinians
ever be living under one roof
of your common country ?
What is your vision, Palestinians ?
Are you dreaming about a state
based on separation of powers
secular democracy, freedoms to all
including sexual minorities
or about a state
with Islamic tyranny and terror
unacceptable to Jews ?
Are you ready
to extend your hands to Jews ?
And ... what is your vision, Jewish people ?
Are you ready to share
your destinies with Palestinians ?
Is there a chance
the legacy of Cain and Abel
can finally be overturned
letting you all bath
in the elixirs of liberty
enriched with the essences
of individual freedoms
and enlightenment
as the Sun is doing
by splashing itself
in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea
every early morning at sunrise
and late evening at sunset
ever since the beginning of the world
till the very end ?!
Oh, ring for us, bells of life
bells of liberty, enlightenment
ring for us all
Cain and Abel no more !!

' Cain and Abel no more ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Thaddeus Hutyra. © 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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