' Songs of the Siren '
by Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison


Sing with me, songs from days gone by
Sing of the men who have passed our way
Our song they cannot deny
Though I am bound to the sea
and I mean not to lead them astray
All along the shores I sing
Through the night and into day
Touching the mariners heartstring
Long and lush locks of flaming red hair
As soft as the ocean's spray
With eyes as green as sea-foam
My melody follows the men as they roam
Do you hear the song of the sea
from aboard your ship as it sways
Do you feel the need to fall in love with me
I am a siren, sisters are we
Come to us, come to us and stay
For the siren's song will set you free
Join with me now in oceans depths
Nothing but water can come between us
I promise you a boundless joy
Sing with me , my mariner a soft song to lull thee
And we will flow like time across the sea
The call of the siren can be so strong
The mariners last not, they never remain
And soon their cold flesh turns grey
We sirens begin again our refrain
As our song they cannot deny
A glorious tune sung just for my mariners
So I know they will come sing with me

' Songs of the Siren '
by Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison
Copyright © Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison
All Rights reserved

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