' Live's in a Glimpse '
by By Linde Griffis


He asked me to call today
I wondered what he had to say.
"She has lung cancer"
Is what fell from his lips,
I'm sure our lives passed in a glimpse.
Were we the people we were meant to be
Or merely living in our own reality?
These lessons in life are hard to bear
Would we change them on a dare?
To have known a life filled only with joy
Would we have fallen for that ploy?
For life's true meaning comes from those moments of sorrow
Allowing us to have a joy that we could not borrow.
a joy from knowing that in a moment of time
Those we love could cross the line.
We must know that these days will pass
Let us live each day as if its our last.
Showing love to all those path's we cross
Trusting that it will not be a loss.

' Live's in a Glimpse '
by By Linde Griffis
Copyright © Linde Griffis
All Rights reserved

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