' A Victim Of Vesuvius '
by Neil Perry


Choking - as there returning back to dust,
The soldiers last convulsion strewn in ash;
Death managed, in the monumental past
To put an end to life, deducting breath;
Here death struck, as the end of many ends,
His admired strength, in manly helplessness -
Looked for his sword, with no more use for hands -
Incapable to fight that last defence.

For he would never witness Rome's last stand
With Goths and Huns; with cold indifference
His own descendants,( could he understand?)
Would stab its noble past into the back.
Here he lies down, beneath that awesome dark
A man that used to be, a man that was.

' A Victim Of Vesuvius '
by Neil Perry
Copyright © Neil Perry
All Rights reserved

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