' Dracula '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

He was sitting on his throne
while Babilonian rivers of blood
streamed from his body
and around him
to his coffin
which was able to fill itself
What was a thrill of thrills
he was … daydreaming
while hidden deep
inside of a body
of one human monster
living at the expense
of his compatriots
While the tyrant enjoyed himself
in the splendidity of his palace
exposed to a full sunshine, careless
his skin was a shield
for Dracula, the vampire
who, hidden within the body
of the tyrannic host
gave himself fully in
to his daydreaming
Images followed images
and all of them were an account
of all the deeds come true:

' I am … Dracula
the Prince of Darkness
living from twilight to twilight
never seeing sunrise
neither sunset
My body is cold
like the bodies of corpses
but my heart
despite being hard like a stone
beats to the rhythm
of the nightly energy streams
getting from the very core
of Earth
I desire blood, lots of blood
Blood is my lust
the sense of my existence
like a red wine for wine lovers
produced somewhere
in the hills of Romania
or Georgian mountains
on the outskirts of San Francisco
I am a river of blood
constantly passing through me
for long centuries
I am so thirsty of blood
that nightly hunting
is definitely not enough
and so I have found ways
on doing the same
not only at long nights
but also during the days
splashed with sun rays
days after days
years after years
centuries after centuries
by transforming myself
deep into bodies
of ruthless dictators
the monsters of all monsters
from Genghis Khan to Adolf Hitler
Joseph Stalin to Mao Tse Tung
Pol Pot to Ruhollah Khomeini
and most recently
from North Korea's Kim Jong-un
to Iran's Ali Hosseini Khamenei
the blood thirsty monsters alike me
competing among themselves
which one of them is capable
to murder the most cruel way
from placing victims
in a cage full of wild and hungry animals
to simply hanging them from a crane
They make it so easy for me
me, Dracula, the Prince of Twilights
sitting comfortably inside their bodies
which are my splendid coffins
and getting out of them
either in the moonlit night
or on a perfectly dark night
My world is so close
to that of Satan
full of crime which is our life
full of disdain to victims
We're just doing what we want
getting what we want
Using the minds and hands
of the human monsters
which are ruling this world
by taking advantage
of the power structures
which are letting them
to do whatever they wish
as what Bashar Hafez al-Assad
is doing presently in Syria
Al Qaeda in Iraq
and across the Middle East
They all are mine
as long as
the lights of enlightenment
are giving in
to the forces of darkness
for I am Dracula
the Prince of Darkness '

Dracula was still sitting
on his underground throne
delighting himself
with the blood of numerous victims
perished and still perishing
at the hands
of ruthless dictators
and of regimes
cherishing only wrong power structures
and disdainful of liberty
suppressing any strivings
towards a perpetual light
the light of enlightenment
which would bring end
to the reign of evil
and his own reign
of terror
the reign of Dracula
the Prince of Twilights
He smiled at the thought
how a sweet Don Juan
he had been so many times
throughout the centuries
All those women
falling to his arms
to the accompaniment
of his magical lyrics
helping him to seduce
those poor souls seeking love

' Oh, come to me, babe
throw yourself into my arms
feel the blood, our delicious wine
circulating through our bodies
till the last drop of your blood
is gone, and with it
your life
Come, come to me, babe
come to your lover of lovers
for you shall see
your eyes melting away
in my eyes
the eyes of lover, your lover
oh, lover, lover, lover
your lover forever
We shall bring toasts
we shall dance
for one thousand and one
romantic nights in the moonlight
and splash ourselves
in the rivers of Babilon
Oh, come, come to me, babe
come, come, come to me, babe ... '

' Dracula ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Thaddeus Hutyra. © 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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