' A Love is Born '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


You're my dimension of all dimensions
My season set of all seasons
the heartbeats of life
My mesmerising love faster than light
My time vehicle, amazing, a starship
to the very Heavens and back to Earth
keeping me young all my lifetime
and letting me reach any distance
not only throughout the Universe
but also into your very heart
pulsating with emotions
like an interstellar pulsar

You're my rose of roses, a queen of love
spreading its flakes
on our paths of love, our endless love
My shiny soul, a ship on a divine trip
on the celestial waters towards the very best
what's between you and me

I love when you're looking at me
with your azure eyes, so lovely, shining
and whispering a lot
like sounds getting out of your violin
you play sometimes in our garden of Eden

I love when you walk ahead of me
with the easiness and delicacy
angels can only do it
I love when you talk to me
It's a song of love alike velvety
like a musical of thousand and one nights
saturated with flavors of all elixirs
there can ever be in the world of wonders

I love it most when we make love
embracing each other
and being embraced at the same time
by all the melodies
this world has ever heard
The Chorus of Angels
performs then
to the tunes of our love

I remember the first time
it did happened
I was seating at the edge of our lake
and I watched our two lovely swans
flirting with each other
I had suddenly an urge to love and be loved

As if through a magic wand
you came out into the garden
with no clothes on but only beauty
so splendid that even our swans
focused themselves only on you

You were Aphrodite
the goddess of the moment
You had your silvery violin in your hands
and when you approached me
you began to play with such a virtuosity
birds showed up before you
and sang like a chorus
to the tunes of the melody you played
It seemed the violin generated a starry fire
and was a step from a Big Bang

Then you came to me, spread your arms
and gave yourself to me, thoroughly
It was then when our love was really born
to last forevermore
and ... the Big Bang did happened ...

Ever since then we're amaranthine lovers
always together, always loving
A chorus of our garden birds
are singing to the tunes
of all of our sounds of bliss and love
Love pulsates deeply in our hearts
which both are one whole piece
home to our love and a whole life

And yet my secret, my love
When we had our love that first time
plenty of butterflies appeared in the garden
It looked an invisible, enchanted wand
did its work as good as we our love
The butterflies in all colours of the world
danced all the time we had our love
and were part of our symphony of love


' A Love is Born ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Thaddeus Hutyra. © 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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