The African dancers

The African dancers
in the sea of fire,
their fire!
Full of energy
taken from the stars!
The sparkling waves
of music and dance
Dancing together,
singing together,
in a boat full of dance.
The boat called Africa!
The rhythms
of African music
with echo and echo,
and echo after echo,
far reaching,
and never ending.
The waves of colors
how incredible !
As if an abstract painting
African landscapes !
What a cube of
beautiful sculptures!
The drummers,
the whistling of the wind,
the DJ in the background,
the wind being a conductor
in the foreground.
Happiness and bliss
all around.
The power of youth,
everlasting !
Grief forgetting,
the enjoyment instead,
and nothing but
and singing,
and dancing,
The dancers,
looking for
a new matrix
for Africa, the new one.
Through music and ideas
light, water, fire and air,
through our desires
and especially
by dancing
and singing!
What we hear
we see !
The colors of Picasso,
of Henri Matisse,
Ernest Mancoba,
Wassily Kandinsky ...
The colors of
the African landscapes,
and even the colors
of their smiles,
of them all together!
Oh, the African dancers,
beating down
the Gordian Knot
of taboos.
They're bringing change
whenever they step
and dance
to the rhytmes
of African music.
Yes, new times
must arise!
everything around,
full of fire,
the fire of freedom!
Spreading itself
in all directions,
with the force
of a hurricane,
and even with the power
of a starlight
and its rays !
The fire,
fire of love, not hate
engulfs people's
hearts and souls
shining diamonds
and gold, and silver.
For a new Africa,
of liberty,
through the continent
and further,
all over the world!
We must remember
and never forget
of the eternal struggle
of the chains
of the despots
contra freedom
the one which
has no chance
if left alone
but is all powerful,
a shiny ray of life
if supported by us.
We can never
let freedom
to loose
in this struggle.
Never ever !
Because if freedom
looses we all loose.
We all need to keep
a sharp eye
of the eagle
and be always aware
no ideologies
which poison liberty
with a venom
should ever win,
no ideology
which brings down
the lights of liberty
in a democratic order
should ever have
slightest support ...

Oh, long live Africa,
long live the world!

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